Example sentences of "i can [verb] [pron] at the " in BNC.

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1 ‘ All I can tell you at the moment is that she is on the danger list .
2 ‘ That 's all I can tell you at the moment , ’ Mould smiled secretively and ran off in the direction of Mr Fractor 's classroom .
3 But it would be very interesting if er you had a positive er proposal or something constructive to make which we might be able to examine , but I can tell you at the end of the day money is required and this government wo n't allow to spend er , the money that er we have got er er erm at the moment that we could , er use but they wo n't let us .
4 I feel I can beat anyone at the moment . ’
5 ‘ And I 've told you there is n't any more information I can give you at the moment . ’
6 Well that , that 's why I think I went down so hard when I did n't get that job cos she said , I , I took , I took the erm , I went , I was the first , to go , first of all I did n't put in for this job it 's one that 's been laying around since last September , I wrote to , kept to St. Mary 's for this mental health thing and I got in touch with this Mrs and she said I 've got nothing I can offer you at the moment but I , I will be in touch and I went down the job centre one day and erm , there was this thing to say that they wanted mental nurses
7 ‘ I 'll see what I can slip you at the end of the week .
8 I can ring her at the office tomorrow . ’
9 I can ring him at the London office on Monday morning .
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