Example sentences of "i have just [verb] [adv prt] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 I 'd just turned on to York Way when I spotted the two city gents who 'd been drinking in the pub .
2 The big one looked down at me as if I 'd just crawled out from under .
3 Well I c I I 've seen so many things over the year I just do n't believe it until I actually see it and th literally four weeks ago , I 'd just got back from Germany , went on a meeting the following morning and it 's that gentleman there , Steve , and h he 's got some pictures in his pocket which will prove exactly what we 're talking about .
4 That was er I 'd just got back from work .
5 And I 'd just got in at about oh half three .
6 The following morning , I 'd just got out of bed when he started barking to get out .
7 I 'd just got out of bed — I was half asleep , ’ she tried , without much conviction .
8 I made sure I looked as if I 'd just got out of bed and dressed in a hurry — hence no socks and the sweatshirt — and went down to front garden to wave them in .
9 The duvet , I 'd just taken back from the dry cleaners !
10 I was unable to pay more than the $100,000 I had just forked out for his British rights , so he sold Leslie Waddington a batch too .
11 It would n't be much good telling them I had just popped out for a breath of air this street led to both the bus and railway stations and it would n't need a genius to rumble my little game .
12 at the time , I thought , ‘ This is ridiculous , I 'm holding these boys back ’ because I was also managing a singer called Marc Bolan , and in the quieter moments , he and David would decorate my office to fill in the time , but I said to them that I had just run out of money and could n't afford to carry on — I 'd taken no commission from either of them at the time — so I went off to Spain to think about my next move and released them both from their contracts . ’
13 ‘ I was in Switzerland on a pre-season tour and I had just missed out on sign ing Dean Saunders , ’ he said .
14 I was twenty-one , I had just come out of Sweden and my eyes were like saucers .
15 I had just come out of one of my planning meetings and I metaphorically banged the table and said ‘ I know exactly what you should do . ’
16 I had just got up from my chair when the crash happened .
17 I had just got out of bed and was reaching for my dressing gown when an explosion shook the house .
18 For example , consider the following exchange : A ( to passer by ) : I 've just run out of petrol B : Oh ; there 's a garage just around the corner Here B 's utterance may be taken to implicate that A may obtain petrol there , and he would certainly be being less than fully cooperative if he knew the garage was closed or was sold out of petrol ( hence the inference ) .
19 See , and I 've just made out of the stomach .
20 Decisions decisions decisions — I 've never made any decisions on my own before , I 've just gone along with what everyone said .
21 In fact , I 've just flown back from the States today , and you 'll be glad to hear that the doctors assured me that Liz and Owen are on the road to a full recovery . ’
22 You must think I 've just crawled out of my crib ! ’
23 I 've been working abroad for the last twenty years , I 've just come back to the U K and my family 's all died , and I do n't know anybody , and I 'm going to start off working here .
24 No I 've just come back to it and I find my lunch box overflowing with crisp packets .
25 I 've I 've just come back on that D two stop three .
26 I 've just come back from France .
27 ‘ Dear Loretta , ’ she read , ‘ I 've just come back from an official trip to Italy , and I squeezed in a visit to a peace camp while I was there .
28 I 've just come back from the Thomas Garlands ’ place , sir . ’
29 I 'm not being rude now , I 've just come back from the Gambia and I have n't stopped
30 I said , ‘ Look , you know I 've just come out of Holloway after being on remand . ’
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