Example sentences of "i [vb past] [verb] [pron] at the " in BNC.

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1 I expected to see you at the ball last night , Sharpe ! ’
2 I suppose the fact that I 'd made it at the age of 14 was important because it meant I would go a long way in athletics .
3 I 'd met her at the odd party where we 'd chatted and that 's about it . ’
4 One morning I arrived to find him at the supremely mundane task of " plugging muck " , standing on a manure heap , hurling steaming forkfuls on to a cart .
5 She 's a friend of Bertice Reading , who is working at the Prince of Wales Theatre , so I arranged to meet her at the stage door at 2 o'clock .
6 I went to visit him at the Benedictine monastery at Nashdom and asked him for any insights which he could give me from his experience in Accra .
7 Early in the morning I went to see him at the Castle .
8 I went to see it at the Barbican , it 's very good .
9 I did n't realise that I had lost it at the party . ’
10 In retrospect I can see that this implication can be drawn from the envelope , and I only wish I had realised it at the time .
11 Well I , I had done it at the interval .
12 I had met her at the England-USA match in Birmingham and she had offered to help me with my career .
13 The strap is a strong rubber one but I found I had to overtighten it at the surface , otherwise it became loose when my drysuit seal compressed at depth .
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