Example sentences of "i [verb] [pron] [prep] [art] [det] " in BNC.

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1 I met them at the same time , ’ Tim recalls .
2 I sold them for the same price that I had paid myself .
3 I reproach myself at the same time .
4 One this girl traced my hand and I traced hers at the same time — I went very slowly , which triggered her ticklishness , and she laughed every time my pencil made it to the place between two of her fingers , but she was brave , she stayed put .
5 Please let solicitors deal with everything , and also , please believe me when I say that I want nothing but a few mementos of my father .
6 I cried out in relief and happiness : I thought I recognised him as a former schoolmate , a boy with whom I used to exchange groans about the maths problems whose solutions so frequently eluded us .
7 And I put it to the some of the women and men cleaners you see , How would like a rest day roster ?
8 I handed it to a former flight engineer of 213 when I visited him in Toronto some years ago .
9 If there are criticisms then I accept them with the same magnanimity which Martin claims I do not possess .
10 Well I , I I , I do n't mind how it 's done but erm I hear nothing on the many people on , you know , who talk about erm giving aid erm a dread from this problem is this vast erm amount of the G M P and going on armaments and going on one way and another .
11 Ludo and I hear it at the same moment .
12 I enjoyed it for a few weeks but then went to Stanley . ’
13 If I contacted him on the same number that I contacted you
14 If I set it to the same frequency as the only Mark I Super C64 in existence , I might just be able to contact an old friend of ours . ’
15 I killed him for no more reason than I wanted to do it .
16 Notice what Jesus says in verse seven , he says , I tell you in the same way there 'll be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents , than over ninety nine righteous persons who need no repentance .
17 I tell you in the same way , there will be joy in heaven over one sinner that repents .
18 I comforted myself with a few thoughts of what I would do to the culprit if I ever caught him ; realised that was highly unlikely , and headed for the golf course .
19 If I 'm allowed to have food , why ca n't I have it in the same cell as Elaine ? ’
20 I felt something of the same awe and excitement I had experienced four years before when tramping round and round Warwick Gardens with Chesterton , debating the execution of Charles I. Here was someone who ought to have been a member of the Society that G. K. C. had dominated at St. Paul 's from 1891 to 1893 .
21 Occasionally I treated myself to a half hour browse in a bookshop .
22 from my vantage point I saw nothing in the few seconds between the County Inspector 's announcement to have incited what appeared to be a concerted start by the police .
23 I taunted him with the same lie Ursula used .
24 ‘ I started a similar scheme in Wellington , but then I did it at the same hour on the same day every week .
25 Again I accept the constant parental care has been of the highest calibre and I remind myself of the many tributes to the quality of that care in the evidence before me .
26 I said nothing for a few seconds .
27 If I run after the goals which I see everyone around me running after , I reduce them to no more than means to the well-being of feeling at one with the many .
28 I forgave him for the many occasions on which he had unthinkingly made me feel mentally subnormal .
29 So I chipped it into a little space over the scrum , ran round , picked it up and went up the middle of the field .
30 So let me leave you with a few wise words .
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