Example sentences of "i [adv] [verb] [pron] at the " in BNC.

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1 I only see her at the office .
2 Cos I just fancy them at the moment .
3 I just thrown something at the erm
4 Yes , I just saw you at the crossroads you see
5 I soon found myself at the Gasthof Lôwen in the little village of Sasbach .
6 At this I quickly joined them at the bottom of a long rickety iron ladder which led into the water ballast tanks and found them hauling out several cases which had been concealed there .
7 ‘ My own family was pretty undistinguished , and Stephen had at any rate a respectable reputation in his own field — though I probably overvalued it at the time .
8 Er a similar cautious approach which none of them took yesterday when on examination it was found that there was more potential there than before , erm so to help with the figures I have found very helpful erm appendix eight to the er York City Council erm statement , I think it appears in both of their statements appendix eight Greater York housing provision sorry , could could I also direct you at the same time to the County Council 's N Y five appendix three now the , the two make interesting comparisons because they both start of with the same H one proposal of nine thousand seven hundred dwellings , and I 'll remind you there , sir , that only five thousand seven hundred of those are required by the existing population , four thousand of those are for migrants , and the two schedules go of in slightly different directions under the heading of completions , and the reason for that , sir , is that the the Greater York , the er County Council 's figures , as you can see were computed in October nineteen ninety two when only seven hundred dwellings had been completed , yet six months later , under item C for the Greater York er housing provision figure , York Ci York City Council figures , the completions were one thousand and sixty three .
9 I actually advised him at the meeting that he should not and could n't take that motion , and I was by Alderman in that situation , but he still deemed to go ahead and that 's p his prerogative .
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