Example sentences of "it [be] time for them [verb] " in BNC.

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1 By Sunday evening , when it was time for them to leave and the three of them were piling into the Bentley , what she felt inside her , by any definition , was far more than simply sexual excitement .
2 When it was time for them to go , she rolled up the carpet full of soil and put it in her bedroom .
3 When Loc , with another worried glance in Jacques Devraux 's direction , insisted it was time for them to go to bed , Paul galloped across the clearing with little Hoc on his shoulders and dumped the boy squealing with laughter on his sleeping mat .
4 When Iris announced that it was time for them to return , Jack insisted on walking them back .
5 It was time for them to put their houses in order , ‘ and for the Home Secretary to insist they do ’ .
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