Example sentences of "it [be] [verb] [adv prt] [prep] the " in BNC.

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1 Or had it been shot down over the Channel ?
2 Only in recent years has it been taken over as the civic centre , and the Goose Fair relegated to the outer suburbs ; but for something like a thousand years it was the market place .
3 The price of 36s. has thus some claim to be called the true equilibrium price : because if it were fixed on at the beginning , and adhered to throughout , it would exactly equate demand and supply ( i.e. the amount which buyers were willing to purchase at that price would be just equal to that for which sellers were willing to take that price ) ; and because every dealer who has a perfect knowledge of the circumstances of the market expects that price to be established .
4 the army was , it were built up like the er , er Mafia , it were built on fear , yes
5 Thus , with a rate of inflation averaging 4% in the 1980s , the £58 licence fee set in 1985 would have had to increase by £7 by 1988 if it were to keep up with the increase in the general price level only .
6 Then I felt the post begin to slide upwards through my hands , as if more of it were coming out of the ground .
7 First , on the rateable value of the property , which was a value based on an assessment of what the property could earn if it were let out on the open market .
8 But falling pupil numbers at Soudley Primary School could lead to it being shut down within the next few years .
9 The ban on the export of wool , which was so extensively produced in Lincolnshire , led to it being smuggled out of the country .
10 Has my mother any entitlement to income on the £60,000 as it was being gathered in by the solicitors and prior to it being handed over to the investment adviser for the purchase of the securities agreed by the trustees ?
11 It 's ganning back in the morning .
12 Now … " he rooted through the papers on the floor , " now , here 's your marriage certificate , it 's made out in the name of Paddy Montgomery … "
13 End date it 's picking up off the same list .
14 It 's picking up onto the same list is it ?
15 It 's rainin' up in the mountains accordin' to that nice immigration laddie .
16 It 's to sit down with the practice manager and say right tell me about these businesses .
17 If you 're buying a cut tree , you 'll be paying obviously from where it 's cut up to the bottom branch , or if it 's a rooted tree you 'll be paying from ground level up to the bottom branch again .
18 When the second part of the strap is cut it 's matched up with the main piece for colour .
19 It 's comin' in from the roof .
20 It 's to warm up for the weekend it said .
21 It 's laid out in the middle of a large , hilly orchard and features its own little plastic mogulfield .
22 Asthma kills two thousand people a year , but the new research shows that the gene which can cause it is only active when it 's passed on by the mother .
23 It 'll close with the loss of at least a hundred jobs if it 's taken over by the Suffolk-based brewer Greene King .
24 It 's left over from the War .
25 It 's mixed up with the levy on Copts , apparently . ’
26 It 's coming over with the rest of my stuff , deep sea .
27 ROS : It 's coming up through the floor .
28 It 's coming up to the boil , I would say , ’ said Ramses , ‘ coming up to the boil . ’
29 Now those are arteries , that 's the pulmonary artery but it 's coming back to the heart okay , that 's the only time you 're going to find the rule reversed , arteries leave the heart , veins come back to the heart , and the only time that rule is reversed is when you 're linking the heart and the lungs through the pulmonary vein and the pulmonary artery , however , they are still carrying , the arteries are still carrying oxygen charged blood , yes , because it 's come fresh from the lungs so it 's still carrying nice red lovely oxygenated blood , yes , even though it 's coming back into the heart , that is because it 's come fresh from the lungs and the vein although it 's going in the opposite direction the way you normally expect it , is still carrying the old rotten , you know , used up blood , because it 's going back to the lungs to be recharged , do you understand it alright ?
30 Yeah my point is a brief one and i it 's coming back to the the question of commitments that was discussed discussed earlier .
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