Example sentences of "it is also [verb] that [pron] " in BNC.

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1 It is also to agree that they could not be said to represent the mass of unskilled working people .
2 It is also hoped that there will be a surplus of profit , allowing you to take a tax free lump sum .
3 It is also said that they are able to exercise an element of independent supervision over inside management .
4 It is also said that he leaves the defence undermanned , but neither charge was proved on Saturday as Barcelona rode adversity in an absorbing match that emphasised , as one knew it would , how hurried and imprecise so much of the British game has become and how necessary it is that we cherish such exceptions as Liverpool , Norwich and Nottingham Forest if the art is not essentially to be driven out .
5 It is also argued that it is inconsistent with human dignity that a woman should use her uterus for financial profit and treat it as an incubator for someone else 's child . ’
6 Supposing the sentence read : ‘ It is also argued that it is inconsistent with human dignity that a man should use his muscles as a crane for transporting someone else 's goods ’ ; or ‘ that a woman should use her vocal cords for the delectation of others ’ ; or ‘ that a person should use his or her brain to work out someone else 's income tax ’ — would these substitutes carry convictions ?
7 There it is also argued that it is from the legislation of emancipation onwards that the tensions and forces making for conflict grow significantly stronger than the cohesive factors sustaining antislavery culture .
8 It is also believed that none of the injured has made a complaint to the police .
9 It is also claimed that there has been a great deal of harassment of Serbs and Montenegrins by Albanian nationalists , who hope to drive them out and establish an ‘ ethnically pure ’ Kosovo .
10 It is also known that there are people in mental handicap hospitals who are not and have never been mentally handicapped .
11 Sir , the pond in D thirty nine has been shown to be a breeding place for the Great Crested Newt , but it is also known that it migrates to other ponds , several others , but does not necessarily breed there , but chooses at Skelton .
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