Example sentences of "it is [adv] [verb] that you " in BNC.

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1 It is strongly recommended that you put an adhesive label on this side of the artwork in the margins and mark it with the title of the project , date etc. and very clearly mark words to the effect of ‘ this side copper track view/this side to UV light ’ or similar .
2 Likewise , if you have already written a will , it is strongly recommended that you have this checked by a professional adviser to ensure that you do not give money unnecessarily to the taxman .
3 However , to prevent inadvertent access to the wrong process when two or more are available , it is strongly recommended that you front LIFESPAN 's own command files with a single ‘ router ’ of your own .
4 Unless you have extremely stringent security requirements , it is strongly recommended that you have only one LIFESPAN Process for all your live data ; ie. for all the configurable items you wish LIFESPAN to manage .
5 It is strongly recommended that you do not try to control the Z88 's hardware with this command — a mistake can be disastrous .
6 It is frequently said that you can make statistics say what you want them to say .
7 It is well known that you do not reason as other men .
8 It is often said that you can discover a great deal about a person 's character by the books on their shelves .
9 The actor is no different , although for some reason it is often thought that you are somehow ready to act , magically , the moment you enter a stage door .
10 It is therefore recommended that you select only those fields which you are most interested in e.g.
11 Unfortunately it is then suggested that you repeat the calibration each time you use the unit .
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