Example sentences of "it is [adv] [verb] that it " in BNC.

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1 It is however appreciated that it can be difficult to obtain a Police report in some foreign countries .
2 It is generally assumed that it is not cost-effective to screen either younger or older women , but the achievements of any screening in this area are unclear .
3 Furthermore , it is generally assumed that it is an easy matter to pollute and get away with it .
4 The Act does not define what actually constitutes an artistic work , though it is generally accepted that it would cover any product made by an artist or craftsperson , which is normally unique , hand-made and makes a personal expressive statement .
5 It is generally thought that it is helpful for managers and clinicians to be aware of the variations between maternity units and knowing where their own unit stands .
6 It is generally supposed that it was at Thurgarton .
7 It is generally held that it should be larger but no agreement on enlarging it seems attainable .
8 But , to spike the guns of barrack-room lawyers , it is expressly stated that it is not a defence to prove that the documents prepared were not in fact prepared in accordance with the Act .
9 Yet it is normally said that it is a breach of an agent 's duty to act for competing principals .
10 It is thus seen that it is the constraints and how they arise that are the significant factors in design .
11 It is traditionally accepted that it was in about the year 753 B.C. that a tribe of people settled near the Tiber on the Palatine Hill .
12 Whether the life sentence is regarded as a sufficient denunciation in society depends on the public 's perception of what life imprisonment means : if it is widely believed that it results in an average of nine years ' imprisonment , the effect will be somewhat blunted .
13 It is widely recognised that it is not production of food but the low level of demand for food that is the problem for many and for varied reasons related to the forces and relations of production in which people are involved .
14 It is widely thought that it will , but that special protection will be given to historical portraits , textiles , arms and armour , and architectural and scientific drawings .
15 . It is clearly implied that it is not .
16 It is well known that it is difficult to grow plantation rubber ( Hevea brasiliensis , originally from Brazil ) successfully in the forest lands where that species grows wild , and it grows best in Malaysia ; cocoa , which is also native to the New World , grows best in West Africa , cloves from Indonesia , in Zanzibar , and so on .
17 My friend says I should not have been taking this drug during my pregnancy and that it is well known that it can cause these problems .
18 My friend says I should not have been taking this drug during my pregnancy and that it is well known that it can cause these problems .
19 It is also argued that it is inconsistent with human dignity that a woman should use her uterus for financial profit and treat it as an incubator for someone else 's child . ’
20 Supposing the sentence read : ‘ It is also argued that it is inconsistent with human dignity that a man should use his muscles as a crane for transporting someone else 's goods ’ ; or ‘ that a woman should use her vocal cords for the delectation of others ’ ; or ‘ that a person should use his or her brain to work out someone else 's income tax ’ — would these substitutes carry convictions ?
21 There it is also argued that it is from the legislation of emancipation onwards that the tensions and forces making for conflict grow significantly stronger than the cohesive factors sustaining antislavery culture .
22 Sir , the pond in D thirty nine has been shown to be a breeding place for the Great Crested Newt , but it is also known that it migrates to other ponds , several others , but does not necessarily breed there , but chooses at Skelton .
23 Someone must plough the fields or milk the cows , but much of this endeavour takes place hidden from public view and when a tractor is glimpsed across a field it is often assumed that it is a farmer who is in the cab .
24 For example , it is often argued that it is common sense and natural that women will engage in child-rearing and domestic tasks and that men will make sexual advances and will work outside the home .
25 If a British multinational invests in plant abroad , it is often argued that it weakens British industry because the resources could have been used to invest in new production in the UK .
26 It is often said that it is not very easy to turn an omelette back into eggs .
27 Because the choice of opting out is largely represented to parents , former pupils and the local community as a means of securing a better financial arrangement from the DES than has been possible with the local authority , it is sometimes argued that it is not ethos or education but funding which alone lies at the heart of the decision .
28 It is sometimes suggested that it was the government , rather than the electorate , which determined the outcome of elections , and that any ministry which enjoyed the full weight of the Crown behind it was unlikely to lose a general election .
29 It is sometimes thought that it does .
30 It is therefore suggested that it may well be necessary to provide help for certain groups of bereaved people .
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