Example sentences of "it is [adv] [verb] that the " in BNC.

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1 This is not to say that PGCE ( and in-service ) tutors do not attempt to develop ‘ professional ’ rather than ‘ craftsman ’ knowledge and attitudes , it is rather to say that the professional knowledge is built on shaky foundations .
2 It is however assumed that the total N will not be subdivided to examine the effect of ( for example ) linguistic environment ; in that case the ideal figure would be 30 tokens per environment , bringing the total for the variable as a whole to a figure proportionate to the number of environments examined .
3 It is however believed that the Divisional Court said that if the only consideration for a payment by the client was a disbursement by his solicitor , different considerations might apply .
4 It is strongly rumoured that the eligibility ceiling for the increased aid formerly available to ‘ Objective One ’ areas is being raised from 75 to 80 per cent , thus allowing the Highlands and Islands to scrape into consideration .
5 If the number of errors is high , it is strongly recommended that the media item is verified by VMS .
6 If the number of errors is high , it is strongly recommended that the media unit is verified by VMS .
7 If this is proposed , it is strongly recommended that the purchaser either negotiates and settles the claim before completion or makes a retention .
8 It is simply to recognise that the structure of the ‘ proof ’ in both cases , in Rawls 's case an a priori proof , in Kohlberg 's case an experimental one , actually presupposes what it sets out to establish .
9 But unless you want to spend your time and money on litigation against surveyors , building societies , estate agents and solicitors , with no guarantee of success in the end , you need to become as competent as you possibly can in carrying out your own surveys , even if it is simply to check that the ‘ expert ’ has n't missed anything .
10 Even where it is positively established that the right person was questioned , who by being present at the time had the nominal responsibility for cleaning the surface in question , the true reason for the fault may lie elsewhere being the result of one or other of the following factors :
11 The Vatican has never officially recognised Indonesia 's annexation of the territory , but it is privately conceded that the Papal visit constitutes de facto recognition of the status quo .
12 To assess and provide onward referral for individuals to specialist agencies , where it is reasonably considered that the individual 's personal difficulties adversely affect their functioning at work .
13 Whereas by a Transfer/Lease bearing even date herewith the property known as Seedy Towers was vested in the parties hereto as joint tenants for [ an estate in fee simple ] [ [ the residue of ] ] a term of [ 99 years from the ] Now it is hereby declared that the parties hereto hold the said property in trust for themselves [ as joint tenants in equal shares ] [ as tenants in common [ in equal shares ] [ in the proportion of one-third share for A B and two-third shares for C D ] ] Engross in duplicate for both parties to execute both parts , each to hold one part after completion .
14 IT IS HEREBY CERTIFIED that the transaction hereby effected does not form part of a larger transaction or of a series of transactions in respect of which the amount of value or the aggregate amount of value of the consideration exceeds thirty thousand pounds .
15 It is hereby certified that the transaction hereby effected does not form part of a larger transaction or of a series of transactions in respect of which the amount or value or the aggregate amount or value of the consideration exceeds £60,000 .
16 It is hereby resolved that the dog must go .
17 D The seller sells as beneficial owner but the seller transfer to the buyer shall contain the following proviso : " Provided Always and it is hereby agreed that the covenants which are implied by the seller transferring as beneficial owner shall not be deemed to imply or warrant that the lessee 's covenants contained in the lease for decoration or repairs have been observed . "
18 Rape is only held to have been committed in English law where the sexual intercourse is ‘ unlawful ’ , and it is generally assumed that the function of that term is to remove non-consensual intercourse between a man and his wife from the ambit of rape .
19 On the other hand the EEC Nine produces only 64% of its consumption of sheep meat and it is generally assumed that the UK with approximately 25% of the EEC sheep flock and as the leading producer of 50% of Community production is well placed to reap some advantage which could be of benefit to the hills and upland areas .
20 But because the demand for central control has arisen out of a general dissatisfaction with education , and this dissatisfaction is often directed towards an excess of ‘ creativity ’ in the classroom , a lack of a disciplined work-force , it is generally assumed that the central common curriculum to be nationally accepted would be down-to-earth , factual , able to be assessed , and marked by a tick or a cross .
21 It is generally assumed that the use of and will enhance plural reference in this example .
22 It is generally assumed that the rise of more widespread educational opportunities has given children of working-class parents the chance to study for the qualifications necessary to enter middle-class occupations .
23 Although it is generally assumed that the free movement of persons within the European Community will increase the impact of ‘ international crime ’ on the internal security problems of the Member States and that more intensive and more effective law enforcement co-operation will be required , there is uncertainty about how better co-ordination can be achieved .
24 Most experts think normal cells probably have to undergo several mutations in order to become cancerous ; and it is generally suspected that the mouse cells — a laboratory line known as NIH 3T3 cells — have already undergone numerous mutations and are hovering on the brink of becoming cancerous .
25 It is generally accepted that the treponeme needs a small cut or abrasion in the skin before it can gain entry and cause an infection ; simple contact with the skin is not enough .
26 Full length waders are essential as it is generally accepted that the best depth to work is knee to waist deep .
27 As a person 's independence gradually gives way to dependence in one or more areas of daily life , it is generally accepted that the family will increase support and assistance .
28 Although it is generally accepted that the globular domain of H1 or H5 binds to the exit and entry points of nucleosomal DNA , there are currently many conflicting models for the detailed picture of how this is achieved .
29 It is generally accepted that the ‘ master and slave ’ ideology of classical management theory is not properly tenable , ( although these beliefs still exist widely today and , to varying degrees , classical management theories are used in practice : bureaucracy and the formal structure of organisations offer security , familiarity and safety which continue to have strong appeal ) .
30 It is generally accepted that the style with the most followers worldwide is Shotokan .
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