Example sentences of "it is [adv] [adv] that a " in BNC.

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1 It is not just that a ‘ market ’ approach to the administration of services dehumanizes people and makes doubtful assumptions about the way organizations actually work .
2 It is not simply that a large number of multiply-deprived people live in the urban cores ( Hall and Laurence , 1981 ) ; there are individuals and households where this applies , but highest unemployment rates are frequently encountered in areas of new public housing that would not be identified as inadequate in census surveys .
3 It is not only that a significant part of most people 's pensions are invested in these falling Japanese shares but also that a significant part of Japan 's wealth is invested in the West .
4 In other words , it is not enough that a cell should be more or less active ; the change must be sufficiently unusual statistically for it to function as a code .
5 It is not enough that a man should say that something shall not be done by the plaintiff ; he must say that nothing shall . ’
6 It is not enough that a state is unlucky or incompetent in its economic , social or foreign policies — that jobs or food are scarce , or that it is at war with itself or with its neighbours .
7 The Lord President ( Cooper ) in IRC v Gordon 33 TC 226 at 230 stated that : … it is not enough that a person resident in the United Kingdom should somehow have derived benefit from the income of a foreign possession … the duty of the Court was to seek for an actual remittance to , and receipt in , the United Kingdom and not to be lead astray by an " equivalent " to a remittance or receipt , or a " constructive receipt " .
8 They wrote : ‘ It is not often that a major British church seeks such an interview , and the conference and our 500,000 members and 1 million community can not but be offended .
9 It is not often that a major commanding such a small force gets the opportunity to present his views to the Prime Minister .
10 As with most areas of sociological study , it is not often that a simple and unproblematic definition can be established .
11 It is n't often that a new cruising ground opens to yachtsmen , particularly one that has hundred of deserted anchorages , summer water temperatures comparable to the Med , and which is the same sailing distance from Britain as Gibraltar .
12 The constant movement of troops through these areas caused great economic dislocation for the local populace and it is only recently that a number of Civil War ‘ hoards ’ have been found .
13 Some additional information has emerged but , unfortunately , mouse chromosomes have not responded well to the high resolution techniques developed for human chromosomes and it is only recently that a higher resolution idiogram has been published ( 14 ) .
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