Example sentences of "it be time for [pron] [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 It 's time for his check up , ’ she said , going up to the Bookman 's cage .
2 It 's time for your bed . ’
3 It 's time for your bus , ’ he said .
4 No doubt it 's time for my departure . ’
5 ‘ Nothing now , Thorny , it 's time for my sleep .
6 Then her breath caught as he turned , unexpectedly , to look at her , inviting her with one of his soft , easy smiles , ‘ I think it 's time for my walk along the beach before bedtime .
7 It 's time for our game . ’
8 You must excuse me now , Isabel , it is time for my rest . ’
9 It is time for our expedition to begin .
10 It was time for her afternoon appointment .
11 For all his enjoyment of the work and the companionship of his team the lad was not sorry when the ground covered , about half an acre , showed that it was time for his midday snack .
12 Berowne 's only explanation had been that he felt it was time for his life to take a new direction .
13 There was once a king who decided that it was time for his son to marry .
14 It was time for my nightcap .
15 Twelve lengths of the pool and it was time for my aquatone class — which turned out to be aerobics in water .
16 Then it was time for my paper-round , followed by school .
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