Example sentences of "it have been [vb pp] for some " in BNC.

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1 Because of its limited appeal among Grand Prix drivers , it has been ignored for some record purposes in the statistical section to be found at the end of this chapter .
2 It has been suspected for some time that North Korea has been working on a nuclear device .
3 It has been felt for some time that the procedure and forms relating to the granting of legal aid in criminal causes could be improved , and the introduction of legal aid in the District Courts has led to the position being scrutinised and a new procedure and application form introduced .
4 It has been advanced for some time by both the Liberal party and the Electoral Reform Society .
5 It has been known for some years now that records of the electricity activity of the brain during sleep — by electrodes attached to the scalp , face and neck — confirm that different types of sleep exist .
6 It has been known for some time that eyes give out bioelectric signals — the retina has a positive charge , the cornea is negative .
7 It has been known for some time that the majority of fibres from the left and right eyes converge upon single cells in the visual cortex of the cat and monkey ( Hubel and Wiesel , 1967 ) .
8 Is not the Minister aware that it has been known for some time that four times as many women as men suffer the chronic pain that comes from the loss of movement in and the fracture of hip joints ?
9 It has been known for some time that the inactive form of ALDH2 is present in about 50% of Japanese and Chinese and is associated with high acetaldehyde concentrations , an exaggerated flush response to alcohol , and seems to protect against alcoholism .
10 It has been known for some time that versatile plastics could be made from vegetable matter but production costs have been prohibitive .
11 It has been known for some time that the Inland Revenue has been taking a close interest in the marketing practices of livestock farmers in parts of Wales and the West Country .
12 We assume that it is enough that the new way will prove better than the old way once it has been tried for some time .
13 The schedule of accommodation which forms the basic document around which the rest of the building note is developed , and which I shall illustrate , was prepared , for this particular group of patients , in precisely the same way as it had been done for some of the other sub-groups within mental illness and mental handicapped for which various supplements have been prepared to which I referred above .
14 It had been recognised for some time that only through rationalisation into larger productive and distributive units could the movement overcome the damaging rivalries among societies in the same neighbourhood , and through economies of scale promote further growth .
15 It had been known for some time that relations between Stephenson and Villa were strained because of the player 's insistence on living in his home-town of Newcastle , and several clubs , keen to secure him , were watching the situation closely .
16 It 's been known for some time that dioxins are created when chlorine is used to make paper white , but in many situations it 's been difficult to find substitutes .
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