Example sentences of "it have [adv] [vb pp] [adv prt] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 It has evidently come on since then .
2 It has particularly taken off in the last three years .
3 It has also linked up with Card Solution of offer a product for the road haulage industry called ‘ Cablink ’ .
4 My first book was an experiment to see if I could write and it has just gone on from there . ’
5 A book about voodoo in Haiti written in the 1930s might seem an unlikely candidate for an NI Classic — especially since it has just gone out of print .
6 It has just woken up after fifteen thousand years . ’
7 The show is hip and happening , dude : the audience looks as if it has just walked in off the King 's Road , the post-modernish set is ultra-cool , the show 's titles are dazzling , the best I 've seen on British television .
8 It has just come out with Networker for 80386 machines supporting Santa Cruz Unix and MS-DOS and will include UnixWare in the same ClientPak II later .
9 The paradox is that while mathematics appears to be based on axioms rather than empirical knowledge ( although some have argued that it is rooted ultimately in the ‘ one-twoness ’ of things ) , it has nevertheless turned out to be remarkably fruitful in enabling us to understand the physical and to a lesser extent social world ; it is as if we had invented a game which turned out to be real .
10 Since then , it has rather dropped out of sight , especially after the ECJ in Cases 144 and 145/87 , Berg and Busschers v Besselsen [ 1988 ] ECR 2559 had seemed to adopt the analysis that the transfer of the contract of employment was compulsory as to both employer and employee .
11 It has already spread out from its core business , and is spreading wider still , from software into the information business itself .
12 He said : ‘ I am delighted it has finally worked out for them after all these years . ’
13 Breaknecking it has finally caught up with me .
14 After having to take development and marketing of its VX and MVX Intel Corp 80860-based graphics accelerator boards back under its wing after the collapse of its partner in that area , Fremont , California-based Vicom Systems Inc ( UX No 381 ) , Sun Microsystems Inc is hoping for more success with its SunVision graphics software environment which it has now turned over to Advanced Visual Systems Inc .
15 It has now reverted back to a quiet village , disturbed only at weekends by visitors from surrounding areas who come to fish , walk the frontage and watch the departure or arrival of passenger ferries and other shipping .
16 With the help of new technology it has now branched out into a franchise operation called Videopics .
17 Now effectively shy of two of those founders , it has essentially retracted back to a die-hard core of some two dozen companies from a highly publicised swell of some 250 industry lights .
18 When I started , I was very much on my own but over the years it has really caught on in Whaddon and now membership has trebled .
19 Australia 's Great Barrier Reef ( below left ) consists of thousands of coral islands , stretched along the entire coast of Queensland ; yet it has all grown up in the past 9000 years .
20 It has all worked out for the best , yes ?
21 As for multi-processing , Bull says it has recently woken up to the fact that it has a lead over most of its competitors — the Motorola-based DPX/2 line has supported symmetrical multi-processing with up to four processors for years , and now claims to have cornered a leading 20% share of the symmetrical multi-processing market .
22 We do not know precisely on what grounds , but it had already broken down by August 1093 , the date which had been fixed for the final settlement of differences between the kings of England and Scotland .
23 At once I can see Annexe B , Summerchild 's list of possible members of the Unit , as clearly as if it had just come out of the porridge oats box .
24 Then , when the horse is brought out of the stable , instead of just walking quietly along ( which it would if it had just come in from the paddock ) , it is jumping out of its skin , ready to spook and shy at anything , nostrils dilated , eyes bulging , and tail hoisted high .
25 While the Midland had expected that its reserves would be lower than either Barclays or NatWest , both newly merged , it was horrified to learn that the true capital of Lloyds , a bank it had always looked down on , was £266m , £73m higher than its own .
26 But by June 1990 , the country 's economic situation had become so desperate that it had really run out of options .
27 It had suddenly borne in upon her that it was almost midnight and that she was in a strange flat in a strange city , with a strange man who was plying her with champagne .
28 He had a fleeting image of a bar , of the people inside , of someone singing Chris Rea 's : ‘ Joys of Christmas , Northern Style ’ , and then it had all flashed by in less than a second .
29 And then back home with Ted and Frieda both asleep and Jo gone , it had all burst up in tears Maggie had squashed down with cigarettes .
30 How clearly it had all come back to her — even the piping treble of her own childish voice .
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