Example sentences of "it be [adv] time for [pron] " in BNC.

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1 It 's nearly time for your next session .
2 Well I 'm afraid it 's now time for me to send one of those boring sending off messages that everyone usually skips straight past .
3 Interviewed on BBC Radio Four 's Today programme , Swales said : ‘ I would love to keep going , but I realise it is probably time for someone else to have a go .
4 Collins only wants a wife because he feels that in the eyes of society it is about time for him to be married and to have settled down in life .
5 It was finally time for me to pack up my tent and vanish into the summer afternoon .
6 There had not been a crisis for about six months , though , so it was clearly time for one .
7 Some signal had obviously been given , though Alexandra had not seen it , and now it was plainly time for everyone to turn and talk to their other neighbour .
8 It was nearly time for her to take up position at Ludgate Circus , but first she had to get Ruby to leave .
9 It was surely time for me to take life more seriously .
10 Helen said , ‘ It was n't time for him to be home yet . ’
11 It was now time for him to call in his battlegroup to tell his men of their achievements .
12 It was almost time for her appointment .
13 It was almost time for her mistress 's luncheon , and she went towards the back of the hall to the breakfast parlour , one of the few rooms still in use , to see if Mrs Diggory had as yet laid out the tray .
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