Example sentences of "have [not/n't] been [vb pp] for some " in BNC.

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1 Although it has not been seen for some time , the manuscript may contain a specimen of Mary Leapor 's handwriting .
2 The Court of Appeal decided to undertake a review of the basic principles of the law in this area and as this has not been done for some time we now set out in detail what they held .
3 The UN knows that much of the Cambodian army has not been paid for some time , so , until a new government takes over , it is considering paying the troops itself .
4 A novelist I know has devoted the last 20 years to writing stuff that is completely impossible to film , with the result that he has not been published for some time .
5 This has n't been used for some time so it 's a bit so I 'm just going to wipe it out so there are no particles or foreign bodies in there .
6 And he had not been seen for some days .
7 It was owned by the Baron de Rochefort and his family , and visitors had not been encouraged for some time , as the Baron did not enjoy the best of health .
8 After a while the station returned to normal , Charlotte had n't been seen for some time , and Albert had been killed in World War I so all three participants in the awful tragedy had gone for ever , or had they ?
9 Cereals for human consumption have not been ground for some years .
10 Do n't be discouraged by this , as it is a good sign that you have stretched muscles that have not been used for some time .
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