Example sentences of "have [vb pp] for a [adj] time " in BNC.

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1 In a wide ranging and at times overtly anti-communist speech , described by the Guardian of March 30 as " more measured and specific than any he has given for a long time " , Yeltsin pilloried central government policy , labelling perestroika the " last phase of the stagnation period " .
2 Two months after the military crackdown in Beijing in June 1989 , it was announced that university student intake would be cut from 640,000 to 610,000 in the next academic year , and that " specialities mainly in the social science fields which the State has deemed for a long time to have turned out personnel not qualified for socialist construction " would be suspended .
3 Any object that an individual has had for a long time , a favourite book for example , has already been affected by that individual 's electrical impulses .
4 ‘ Jason Donovan has known for a long time that The Face is not rich , and we have repeatedly offered to apologise unreservedly for the article , ’ the statement added .
5 ‘ Jason Donovan has known for a long time that The Face is not rich , and we have repeatedly offered to apologise unreservedly for the article , ’ the statement added .
6 The art ( therapy ? ) of Reflexology is founded on the principle that massaging the feet can affect the health of other parts of the body , a fact which acupuncture has known for a long time .
7 ‘ It 's probably the most important match either team has faced for a long time .
8 The judgements that have to be made are complex , not least because local government has existed for a long time and the opportunities for building up capital or depleting it have been great .
9 Mont Blanc , to be sure , has existed for a long time , and probably will exist for a while yet , but it does not work to stay in existence .
10 That the miller 's knives substitute for his sexual potency rather than reflect it is indicated by the superiority of the clerk 's performance in bed with his wife to anything he has managed for a long time : He has fathered two children , but , like Bayard , his sexual energy is now exhausted .
11 I liked Terry more than anyone I 'd met for a long time , and we talked every day .
12 The owner was a small exter named Fif , a ball of orange fur with tentacles , whom I 'd known for a long time in various planets .
13 So we all got very excited because it was the first money we 'd spent for a long time .
14 What we do have and have had for a long time in this country is an acceptance within our law and an acceptance within our definitions of freedom that there are responsibilities with freedom and those responsibilities in this particular case , we have long accepted the argument in this country , maybe not as much as erm , well more in fact than some of our colleagues abroad and maybe they could learn from us from this , but it is not acceptable to have the freedom to be unnecessarily cruel and in fox hunting we have a sport that is unnecessarily cruel , there are ways in which you can deal with rogue foxes , there are ways in which you can actually ensure that the fox community does not destroy the whole , er farming countryside .
15 Johnson went to the lavatory — at least , that is presumably what Boswell means when he says , ‘ having retired for a short time ’ — ; and Boswell and Monboddo engaged cordially with each other .
16 Leslie was devastated by the news , having tried for a long time to have a baby .
17 In the countryside , life must have continued for a long time as it always had done .
18 I 'd have cried , I 'd have brooded for a long time .
19 He must have worked for a long time in the garage .
20 Of course , nationalism is not all simple illusion , for real material differences do exist and have existed for a long time between different countries .
21 Kenneth , last seen nineteen eighty two , lived in the Sleaford area , a retired senior nursing officer at Hospital Holbeach , er m may have married for a second time , Kenneth he 's got a son Ian Mark .
22 This is one of the best new recordings of Honegger 's music to have appeared for a long time .
23 Also , habitation only seems to have lasted for a short time , and Aggersborg may never have been finished .
24 Certainly , a residence requirement which consisted of a requirement to have resided for a certain time in the country before a self-employed occupation could be taken up would involve covert discrimination , because it would be satisfied virtually automatically by nationals and would therefore affect nationals of other member states , if not exclusively , at least chiefly .
25 And I realised , well I had realised for a long time that dieting was n't the answer for me .
26 Then he had gone , and the Curator had stared for a long time after him , and then at the golden eagle who stared blankly back at him .
27 The low fertility families in social class III had courted for a long time , decided carefully about marriage , moved house seldom , and tended to be upwardly mobile in their jobs .
28 Everyone had come for a good time , and they did not want it spoiling by some wildmen .
29 He 's the nicest man I 've met for a long time .
30 Crawford recalled , ‘ I was thinking : ‘ This is the only work you 've done for a long time .
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