Example sentences of "have [adv] just [vb pp] back from " in BNC.

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1 And Rodger has only just come back from three weeks ' rehabilitation at Lilleshall .
2 Especially since I 'd only just arrived back from Paris . ’
3 Hello er , I 'm phoning on behalf of Mrs Ada er she 's got to come in for a scan on the fourth of February , nine o'clock , now we 've only just got back from the hospital today , cos she oh , she had to go today for one , yeah , and we 've just
4 He did not think there would be any point in Sara travelling to Wellingham that evening , especially as she had only just got back from abroad .
5 A quick reminder , many people will know , but a quick reminder and er , if you 've perhaps just come back from holiday yourself , or you 're one of our new listeners , you may not know so I 'll tell you , Douglas Cameron 's Breakfast Call , this very programme , will be breaking new ground at the end of next month .
6 Of course , we have only just got back from our honeymoon . ’
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