Example sentences of "have just [be] [vb pp] [adv prt] from " in BNC.

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1 But you talk with a group of youngsters , one of whose friends has just been flown back from a border patrol paralysed for life ; or to a big warm-hearted farmer who tells you , as he jokes with his grandchildren , how he sleeps with his rifle beside his bed and watches every road for landmines — and you see the other side of the coin .
2 I 've just been driven back from Covent Garden and I want to get to bed .
3 It would er but as I 've already said the bed looked made er totally un-slept in it looked as though it had just been made up from new and un-slept in which is why I took that course of action .
4 When Professor Aldini applied galvanism to the face of a felon who had just been cut down from the gallows ,
5 ( Alternatively , you could pretend that you have just been beamed down from outer space and that you do not understand a word that he is saying — which is at least partly true ! )
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