Example sentences of "have only just [vb pp] back [prep] " in BNC.

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1 And Rodger has only just come back from three weeks ' rehabilitation at Lilleshall .
2 Especially since I 'd only just arrived back from Paris . ’
3 I 've only just got back to the UK ’ He looked around him .
4 ‘ I 've only just got back to my room and picked up your message .
5 I have n't had time to think yet , I 've only just got back in on the phone and sorting out the printer .
6 Hello er , I 'm phoning on behalf of Mrs Ada er she 's got to come in for a scan on the fourth of February , nine o'clock , now we 've only just got back from the hospital today , cos she oh , she had to go today for one , yeah , and we 've just
7 He did not think there would be any point in Sara travelling to Wellingham that evening , especially as she had only just got back from abroad .
8 Davis Cup nerves certainly got to them as they started their defence of a trophy they had only just won back for the first time since 1932 but full marks to the British challengers who gave of their best in terms of commitment and attitude .
9 But he admitted : ‘ It is a crashing diappointment for Rob because he had only just come back into the side — and his return coincided with two successive clean sheets . ’
10 Of course , we have only just got back from our honeymoon . ’
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