Example sentences of "have been [vb pp] for some [adj] " in BNC.

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1 There is no obvious mountain pass or trail leading to the immediate area of the Castle , since Felsbrockenberg has been deserted for some 80 years .
2 This draft response indicates which DTAC responses he has taken into account , and any member whose DTAC 's response has arrived late or has been omitted for some other reason can ensure that relevant points are not missed .
3 Mama was rehearsing , that was all ; but it should perhaps have been kept for some other time .
4 His eyes gleamed with what might have been taken for some inner illumination .
5 The Prince was sitting quietly there , his hands clasped , staring down at the table , so silent he could have been taken for some studious monk ; his robes , however , were splendid , his fingers covered in precious rings , and his hair and golden beard carefully combed and oiled .
6 They frequently appear to have been written for some private academic argument rather than to inform prospective students .
7 But they had been chosen for some little time already .
8 ‘ I 've been hired for some zany roles in this metropolis , and a few of them leaned towards the crooked .
9 Four people , having served their community , have been confined for some seven years and now find that their right of appeal is being hindered by some legal technicality or misinterpretation of the law .
10 No in fact he 's not , he 's been arrested for some other crime .
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