Example sentences of "have been [vb pp] [adv] for some " in BNC.

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1 The British Standard BS 6652 for child resistance is granted to specific combinations of bottle and cap and has been given only for some makes of closures on BS 1679 bottles , which are the ones we use in this hospital .
2 The slash-and-burn type of shifting cultivation has been used continuously for some 2000 years in Indomalesia , each patch being cropped for only 2 or 3 years , the people at a density of some five or fewer cultivators per km 2 .
3 This plant , a relative of ivy and indigenous to the temperate mountains of the Far East , has been used continually for some 5000 years in the Orient as a tonic , restorative and preventive remedy .
4 I felt sad about this as I have several friends from my Salford days in Hong Kong , but I understand a decision to carry out this action has been put off for some time , so perhaps it was a regrettable necessity .
5 The Cook Antonello has been offered privately for some time , being turned down by both the J. Paul Getty Museum and the Polish/American heiress Basia Johnson , the latter dissuaded by her advisors Derek Johns and the late Adrian Ward-Jackson ( see The Art Newspaper No. 1 , Oct. 1990 , p. 17 ) , who held that it was a copy by Andrea Solario after a lost prototype by Antonello , an opinion that originated with Bernard Berenson in 1895 , and one that stuck for most of the twentieth century .
6 This policy has been carried out for some time by the OECD countries , Todorovic claimed , except that there the figure is between 4 and 6 per cent .
7 In fact , options or at least verbal commitments will have been obtained already for some special buys which are wanted , but nothing will have been the subject of a formal order to any of the media before this .
8 The bed was made , but did n't seem to have been slept in for some time , although there was a folded pair of pyjamas under the pillow .
9 Looks as though it had been cut out for some reason .
10 Both the NRC and the SPG and its equivalents had been known about for some time .
11 At the time of Leathart 's survey , Taylor 's Level had been carried on for some 210 fathoms , and was then about 35 fathoms short of being below the deepening sump in the floor of Fleming 's .
12 While Visa debit cards have been accepted internationally for some time , the Mastercard equivalent , Switch , is still waiting to be linked up to the Mastercard/Eurocard payment system .
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