Example sentences of "have been [verb] for [adj] [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 Erm the issue is is that potentially you could be goi we could 've been going for four point three extra people and we probably wo n't do that .
2 CPRW has evidence that the sale of holiday units as permanent residences is already beginning to happen where the temporary occupancy clause , which is customarily enforced on caravan and chalet sites , has been withdrawn for some reason .
3 This has been recognised for some time , perhaps most articulately in France , as one of the attainments to be expected from a top-class academic teacher and researcher , with an outstanding ability in accurate communication with the men ( and women ) in the street : haute popularisation .
4 The need for such a centre has been recognised for some time .
5 The importance of the environmentally fragile coastal zone has been recognised for some time , and in response to growing concern for coastal environments under pressure , a new group has been set up in BGS to draw on the experience of land and marine geologists , sedimentologists and coastal engineers The geology of a strip round the coast of the United Kingdom , which in places extends several kilometres offshore , is largely unexplored .
6 The importance of the coastal zone has been recognised for some time , and a new group has now been formed in BGS in response to growing concern for the environments under pressure in this potentially fragile area .
7 The association between HIV infection and tuberculosis has been recognised for some time , and the emergence of multidrug resistance in the United States represents the latest development .
8 The perspector comes complete with full instructions for use and has been developed for fine art use .
9 Typically , this will be a realistic option if your pay has been cut for some reason .
10 The SIB 's new Conduct of Business Core Rule 28 has been adopted for this purpose .
11 The research has been done for some time and the results have been known for some time , yet still the Government do nothing .
12 If this has been leaking for some time then the transfer box is probably low on oil .
13 The chairman of the action group has already met with Malcolm Rifkind , Secretary of State for Scotland , pamphlets have been issued to all houses in Juniper Green and Baberton Mains , another public meeting will be called and a plea has been made for wholehearted support by writing letters of objection .
14 Special provision has been made for handicapped access , and in addition the museum now boasts an auditorium , and greater accessibility to the reserve collections .
15 An allowance has been made for extra labour .
16 An appointment has been made for this morning , but there is expected to be a delay before results are known .
17 Imaginative provision has been made for wheelchair-bound bird watchers at the Rutland Water Nature Reserve .
18 The same case has been made for social work .
19 A case has been made for brief admission of patients who may not be suffering from psychiatric disorders , but who are in a state of particularly severe crisis .
20 Management considers that adequate provision has been made for any liability which may arise in respect of the years 1981 to 1983 .
21 No provision has been made for any taxation liability that would arise is these assets were disposed of at their revalued amount .
22 To date , £700 in sponsorship money has been collected for Cystic Fibrosis .
23 An attempt to remove Kevin Maxwell has been mooted for some time .
24 Because of its limited appeal among Grand Prix drivers , it has been ignored for some record purposes in the statistical section to be found at the end of this chapter .
25 The hood has been sent for forensic examination and it is hoped it will yield important clues .
26 It is clear that he has been speaking for some time .
27 As well as its general indications in anxiety , depression , and problems with relationships , counselling has been advocated for smoking cessation , modification of diet , alcohol misuse , postnatal depression , addiction to tranquillisers , and high risk sexual behaviour .
28 Although the reprocessing plant itself has been shut for annual maintenance since February , discharges have been continuing at a reduced volume .
29 A second Gloucestershire social worker has been sacked for smoking cannabis while in charge of a group of youngsters on holiday in Devon .
30 Their response has been to aim for legislative repeal or reform .
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