Example sentences of "have been [verb] for some [noun] " in BNC.

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1 CPRW has evidence that the sale of holiday units as permanent residences is already beginning to happen where the temporary occupancy clause , which is customarily enforced on caravan and chalet sites , has been withdrawn for some reason .
2 This has been recognised for some time , perhaps most articulately in France , as one of the attainments to be expected from a top-class academic teacher and researcher , with an outstanding ability in accurate communication with the men ( and women ) in the street : haute popularisation .
3 The need for such a centre has been recognised for some time .
4 The importance of the environmentally fragile coastal zone has been recognised for some time , and in response to growing concern for coastal environments under pressure , a new group has been set up in BGS to draw on the experience of land and marine geologists , sedimentologists and coastal engineers The geology of a strip round the coast of the United Kingdom , which in places extends several kilometres offshore , is largely unexplored .
5 The importance of the coastal zone has been recognised for some time , and a new group has now been formed in BGS in response to growing concern for the environments under pressure in this potentially fragile area .
6 The association between HIV infection and tuberculosis has been recognised for some time , and the emergence of multidrug resistance in the United States represents the latest development .
7 Typically , this will be a realistic option if your pay has been cut for some reason .
8 The research has been done for some time and the results have been known for some time , yet still the Government do nothing .
9 If this has been leaking for some time then the transfer box is probably low on oil .
10 An attempt to remove Kevin Maxwell has been mooted for some time .
11 Because of its limited appeal among Grand Prix drivers , it has been ignored for some record purposes in the statistical section to be found at the end of this chapter .
12 It is clear that he has been speaking for some time .
13 A need for adequate protection in the field of residential care , and to a lesser extent in relation to the provision of domiciliary services , has been advocated for some years .
14 It has been suspected for some time that North Korea has been working on a nuclear device .
15 Since the rate of repayment is reviewed only once annually , quite often the effect of mortgage rate rises has been delayed for some months , allowing the borrower to prepare for the increased cost .
16 I am deeply interested in the row that has been brewing for some time in the heat of the nuclear arms debate , and not only because the key figure is a friend of mine .
17 Work towards this goal has been progressing for some time , culminating in a public launch at a major conference , held in the Forum Hotel , Glasgow on 23 October , 1989 .
18 The release of these chemicals following drainage has been recognized for some time , but researchers at the Australian national research organization ( CSIRO ) now offer an explanation of the cause and also point to the great risks involved in large-scale land reclamation projects .
19 The structure and organization of public services do not , at present , foster service developments which match the King 's Fund recommendations , and the need for an overhaul in the way services are organized has been recognized for some years .
20 The huge space-based extravaganza has been gone for some time .
21 He has been writing for some time , starting with horror , and has more recently turned to the psychological thriller .
22 The zoo is now considering a number of proposals which includes one submitted by the staff and another by New Zoo Developments Ltd. along with an in-house plan which the Society has been developing for some time .
23 Since the department since the regional office has been suggesting for some time , or throughout the entire process of this structure plan alteration , that erm an exceptions policy should be considered by the erm county council , I think it would be consistent that we would anticipate the panel could reach a conclusion on the inclusion of the major exceptions policy as part of this alteration .
24 Opinion : ‘ … it will not be known until Sizewell B has been operating for some years whether the PWR will become the established nuclear option that has been sought for 30 years . ’
25 It has been felt for some time that the procedure and forms relating to the granting of legal aid in criminal causes could be improved , and the introduction of legal aid in the District Courts has led to the position being scrutinised and a new procedure and application form introduced .
26 Er you will all be aware I think that the budget has been running for some months and er I suppose a lot of you either as spokes persons or as members of groups have actually been dealing with the budget issues in some detail .
27 Here , after a campaign has been running for some time , a sample survey is used , in which questions are asked about the brands in the market in question :
28 The decommissioning of a small experimental reactor on the Sellafield site has been continuing for some years .
29 One solution that has been proposed for some words is ‘ reclaiming ’ — investing a negative word with a more positive meaning .
30 It has been advanced for some time by both the Liberal party and the Electoral Reform Society .
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