Example sentences of "have be [adv] [vb pp] [adv] from " in BNC.

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1 Losing Out has argued that , since 1979 , a minority of the population has been progressively cut off from other people on low income , let alone those on average or high incomes .
2 Scottish Natural Heritage ( SNH ) has been formally set up from the merger of the Nature Conservancy Council for Scotland and the Countryside Commission for Scotland .
3 Sam Yaeger spent Monday at the boatyard because he 'd been medically stood down from racing as a result of a fall , but by Tuesday he was racing again , and on Wednesday he rode at Ascot , so the boathouse was vulnerable all day Tuesday and again Wednesday morning . ’
4 I have contended that the success , and for that matter failure , of blacks in sport has nothing to do with so-called physical characteristics which they are all meant to share , nor with psychological predispositions which they clearly do not have , and certainly not with physical inheritances which are said to have been somehow transmitted genetically from their slave forefathers .
5 A DISSIDENT woman poet , jailed for opposing the government had been unconditionally released early from prison , Cuba 's Foreign Ministry said last night .
6 The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle A was later to claim that Kent , Sussex , Essex and Surrey had been wrongfully forced away from the kindred of Ecgberht , son of Ealhmund , king of the West Saxons ( AS C A , s.a. 823 ) .
7 It had been specially flown in from Duxford Air Museum in Cambridgeshire and for the veterans and locals of Parham it was a picture they 'll never forget .
8 If possible , life was harder even for these ragged redskins than it had been for their forefathers after the war with Rope Thrower , when their livelihood had been deliberately burned away from them .
9 No , cos I I have n't used my camera for over a year and it 's been fucking flung out from S A and all sorts .
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