Example sentences of "a [noun sg] of [noun] over the " in BNC.

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1 Spare capacity would be resold to other British Telecom units , which could offer a variety of services over the network .
2 Miss Danziger had heard a variety of interpretations over the many years . …
3 The next mill downstream has had a variety of names over the years : Russell Mill , Lowes Mill and more recently , Malvern Mill .
4 SHAPED BY A VARIETY of influences over the years the magnificence and legacy of Harewood remain unspoilt .
5 The small party — Peter Young by now had about half the men he had brought from Maaloy — opened fire on the warehouse , the Colonel having already emptied his revolver in firing at a sniper 's window , and they kept the German from the window long enough for George Herbert to splash a bucket of petrol over the wooden walls .
6 Then they held him down , flat on his back , as another Sturmabteilung poured a bucket of salt over the Englishman .
7 Above , a gibbous moon fought a brave but doomed battle to be seen through the scudding cloud , occasionally emerging to spill its light like a bucket of whitewash over the slates .
8 Dawn slopped like a bucket of blood over the greasy waves of Lake Pontchartrain , splashing the seaside slum of Bucktown in red …
9 It gives you a level of control over the configuration that is cleaner and quicker than anything DR-DOS offers in its question and answer CONFIG.SYS functionality .
10 Team owner Frank Williams — the man who ultimately gave newly-crowned Mansell his chance of glory — was last night keeping a veil of secrecy over the identity of Mansell 's replacement .
11 The cryptic initials traditionally cast a veil of secrecy over the sitter 's identity and their gender , masking the subject through a process of partial revelation , that requires the intervention of a reader with privileged knowledge to complete the act of portraiture .
12 The budget totalled $T40,000,000 , a rise of $T2,700,000 over the previous year .
13 There 's been a chorus of condemnation over the British National Party 's election victory in Tower Hamlets .
14 Their Lordships held that such consent can not be given or implied by a course of conduct over the years as it is important in the interests of both the local authority and the public that consent should not be accidental or informal .
15 Even the French language seems to exercise a kind of ownership over the terminology of experiment .
16 The second priority will be the division of your holding into a number of main blocks , depending upon your acreage , to give you a measure of control over the grazing of your pastures , to separate groups of stock ( e.g. rams from ewes ) , and to shut off fields for hay or arable crops .
17 The secondary ( vertical ) line is used to fire the shutter and also exercises a measure of control over the kite train .
18 If they were both to preserve a measure of control over the wage structure in a capitalist economy and to win adequate state pensions for their members , then a retirement condition was inevitable .
19 The vital role ( which contemporaries fully appreciated ) played by such relatively small ports as Le Crotoy , at the mouth of the river Somme , in the period 1420–50 , together with the fact that the ports of Dieppe and Harfleur were among the first places to be snatched from English control in 1435 ( leaving them with Cherbourg as the only port from which they could maintain regular links with England between 1435 and 1440 , a vital period in the military history of the occupation ) , shows how important the Burgundian connection was to both main protagonists as they struggled to acquire and maintain a measure of control over the sea .
20 Lastly , a charge affords a chargee a measure of control over the business of the debtor company .
21 These seven pieces of work were designed to enable across-class comparison and analysis , but over fifty other topic-related activities involving art work , mathematics , science , music , environmental studies and various kinds of research were also suggested in order to give each class and its teacher a measure of autonomy over the way their work progressed .
22 You have been fortunate enough to build up a reserve of savings over the years , or you may find yourself in receipt of an inheritance .
23 It rested on a grant of authority over the whole country by Gregory to the first archbishop , followed by a long history of the exercise of this authority from the seventh century onwards .
24 After the previous Armed Forces minister , Archie Hamilton , was replaced by Mr Hanley , Mr Brandreth asked for a meeting in the hope that a change of minister might mean a change of heart over the pay office .
25 They have trained-in a succession of concepts over the years : decision making , then situational leadership , and then contingency theory .
26 During a debate on a vote of confidence over the government 's handing of the crisis on April 26 , Martens announced that the government intended to propose a " structural change " in the Constitution .
27 But the price of obtaining the destruction of working-class power and organization was a loss of control over the state by the bourgeoisie and nobility .
28 This has come about partly as a result of research over the last 10 years or so into various forms of involvement in the teaching of reading .
29 Relations improved with South Korea as a result of concessions over the treatment of the Korean minority within Japan , and Japan 's admission of guilt over its past treatment of Korea [ see p. 38623 ] .
30 It was with his father Paul 's encouragement that Pascal eventually set to work on the project , which has been ‘ something of a labour of love over the last few years ’ .
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