Example sentences of "of a [noun] of [noun pl] over " in BNC.

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1 The examination of all the images produced during a particular period or of a selection of images over a longer period will often provide a good idea of how the relevant state or regime wished to represent itself .
2 Each was wearing one half of a pair of tights over his head .
3 Undertake the management of the care of a group of patients over a period of time and organise the appropriate support service .
4 Mr Favell resigned as John Major 's official Commons aide when the Premier was Chancellor because of a clash of views over Europe .
5 While all kadis were appointed by the state and received allowances , for example , certainly in the period under review only the most important of the muftis received official appointments or salaries ; and indeed , even the salary of the Mufti of Istanbul , until the very end of the period , was considerably smaller than the allowances ( to say nothing of the income ) of a number of kadis over whom he clearly took precedence , the pattern possibly having been established by the perhaps consciously modest demands made by Fahreddin Acemi .
6 The deaths in police custody of a number of detainees over the years have also been controversial .
7 This change of outlook was the result of a fusing of perceptions over some years about the character and behaviour of the West Indians as partners in the project of amelioration and gradual emancipation .
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