Example sentences of "of the [noun sg] [prep] [noun pl] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 There are three N.F.P.A. Codes which specify the protection of the storage of goods in the United States of America .
2 Dolores came out of the cottage with mugs of coffee for them .
3 There is then the question of the selection of topics for these courses — should teachers avoid significant historical events simply because men predominate in them ?
4 However it is possible in some cases to obtain a broad indication for 1985 of the contrast between firms with over 1000 and those with less than 100 employees although the data is for manufacturing industry rather than all employees .
5 In a sense this tendency was enhanced by the nature of the LEA guidelines , which requested a great deal of factual information in addition to an appraisal , and the advisers themselves who in some cases presented the purpose of the self-appraisal in terms of explaining their practices rather than appraising them .
6 I have already discussed the more particular validation of ideas as they bear upon issues in language pedagogy in terms of the evaluation of principles in respect to transfer value .
7 The search for details of buildings now gone is as fascinating as that of the discovery of features of those that remain .
8 The deal follows the recent announcement of the production of a pure form of the hormone by researchers from the institute , using genetic engineering techniques .
9 For example , as Marcel drives along the winding road to Martinville , he describes the three spires of the church in terms of active movement , the spires exchange places , they come closer together , they draw further apart , they hide behind each other in turn .
10 President Carlos Menem , keen on getting his hands on the proceeds of the privatisation before elections in the autumn , indicated last month that he will push the sale well ahead of schedule .
11 Amongst those concerns , the issue of the portrayal of women in the media features prominently .
12 Rothmans ' chairman Lord Swaythling , a Tory Peer , told of the threat to jobs at the company 's Darlington and Spennymoor plants in a letter to Darlington MP Michael Fallon .
13 The former includes a recognition of the conflict in schools between socialisation and the fostering of the autonomy of the individual , as well as the political and social assumptions and values implied in the curriculum .
14 The reputation of Connect Four as a hard F8a was demolished as Glen Sutcliffe and Ian Vickers both made single day redpoints of the route within minutes of each other , while I made a one day ascent of Toadal Recall ( F8a ) .
15 Masahiro Dozen announced his resignation after Daiwa reported a loss of 72,000 million yen as a result of the settlement of claims against the company by five major clients .
16 Sites D thirty nine and D forty are in any case not located within the built-up area of the settlement in terms of Greenbelt Plan Policy Four .
17 A sign of the over-exposure of women in this area is the low status of family and marriage sociology : as a radical young female sociologist asked the feminist-sociologist Alice Rossi in a moment of unguarded chauvinism : ‘ how did you manage to get stuck in a low status field like marriage and the family ? ’
18 Dr Nurhan Atacey , Dean of the Faculty of Letters of Istanbul University , and a leading expert on Turkish and Persian miniature painting , Iznik pottery and Turkish textiles , is curating the exhibition and writing the catalogue .
19 Joe had written to me suggesting that there was a post for me in Japan ( available through the good offices of Stephen Spender , who had just returned from there with a commission from the Dean of the Faculty of Letters at Tohoku University ) to go and teach English , in the poet-teacher tradition for which it was famous .
20 At the National University of Singapore the small Stirling delegation was invited in by Professor Ernest Chew , Dean of the Faculty of Arts in Singapore , to address senior staff on the subject of the semester system .
21 An integral part of the removal of barriers between member states has been and remains the implementation of the fundamental principle of Community law that member states should not discriminate against one another and should assimilate the treatment they accord to nationals from other member states to the treatment they accord to their own nationals .
22 The energy price increases , which doubled the cost of home central heating and raised the price of gas by 70 per cent and electricity by 20 per cent , were the consequence of the removal of subsidies in the attempt to control Poland 's budget deficit .
23 Yet even by the standards of the day , it seems extraordinary that Joyce should have thought the British people at large would respond sympathetically to his shrill and truculent celebration of the fate of Jews in the first year of Hitler 's dictatorship .
24 Hydrologists measure the drying out of the soil in terms of the amount of rainfall that would be needed to make water just begin to move downwards again .
25 Organic content of the soil beneath ranges from 3.1% under lichens and 5.3% under mosses ( Rudolph , 1966 ) to approaching 10% under lichen mats ( Glasovskaya , 1958 ) .
26 Each level in the grouping hierarchy is numbered but " For some levels I will replace these numbers with names that are mnemonic of the correspondence of groups at this level with the rhythmic medium ( e.g. " 'syllables " " or " " tone units " " ) " ( pp. 137 – 8 ) .
27 One of the signs of the eclipse of classics by English was the foundation in 1907 of the English Association which was to propound very effectively the view that the new discipline had become " our finest vehicle for a genuine humanistic education " and that " its importance in this respect was growing with the disappearance of Latin and Greek from the curricula of our schools and universities . "
28 For common igneous minerals , critical concentrations are very small ( typically 0.002–0.03wt% ) and layers of the order of centimetres to a few metres thick will result .
29 The Windsor whose marriage has caused more intrigue than most poked fun at the speculation with his light-hearted remarks as president of the Court of Governors of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre .
30 She was co-opted to the Glamorgan county education committee , and became a member of the court of governors of the University of Wales .
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