Example sentences of "of the [noun] [prep] [noun pl] over " in BNC.

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1 The two books taken together provide a fascinating portrait of the break-down of conventions over the century between their composition .
2 The extra cash help will come from the Bellwin scheme , under which the Government automatically picks up 85 per cent of the bill for disasters over and above initial spending by councils .
3 Law consulted Lansdowne on all matters of importance , kept him informed of the progress of negotiations over Ulster , but found him difficult to convince of the merits of compromise .
4 I 've even got to think of a few of the regulars as friends over the years . ’
5 The idea of the continuity of sites over the generations is easier to accept for , if markers of some sort had been laid down , they might well have survived , even if their form had changed over time .
6 The ending of the monopoly of solicitors over house sales conveyancing and of opticians over the sale of spectacles has already been noted .
7 For however inaccurate the figures are , their inaccuracies can not have increased sufficiently to explain the sharply deteriorating trend of the balance of payments over the last few years .
8 Post-innovation performance of UK firms : an analysis of the distribution of benefits over the innovation cycle
9 The results of this process can be read in detail in catalogues raisonnés , which often give a blow-by-blow account of the arguments of scholars over the years .
10 And in the Jar din Massey there is a museum tracing the history of the regiment of Hussars over the five centuries since its first formation in Hungary .
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