Example sentences of "and [noun sg] of [noun] [prep] the " in BNC.

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1 The ADAM & EVE database , which forms the basis for all the analysis , is the result of long-term research into the frequency and coverage of words in the language .
2 But this is paltry in comparison to the coherence and unity of purpose of the body of an individual lion , wolf , or deer .
3 By the late eleventh century the hand of Cluny was felt in houses spread all over the north of Spain and down into Italy , even to La Cava near Naples and over into Sicily , and also across the south and west of Germany in the movement which had its centre in Hirsau .
4 Sections were cut on a microtome and stained with haematoxylin and eosin to show the nucleii and cytoplasm of cells within the xenografts .
5 Indeed , the entrepreneurial flair and ingenuity of players in the industry are ensuring the appearance of a constantly changing variety of hybrid systems delivering information services addressing a range of needs and circumstances .
6 Structural traps for Barren Measures ' sandstone reservoirs are provided by Mesozoic block-faulting and other more subtle plays have been identified such as ‘ reef ’ developments in the Lower Carboniferous and onlap/'pinch-out' of sands within the Millstone Grit .
7 I wanted it to be over , to return to the innocence and freedom of life before the kidnap , for John to be safe , for us all to know some kind of certainty instead of this constant doubt and anxiety , to be able to think of the future again .
8 When Argentina recognises the right to self-determination and freedom of association of the Falklands people , and gives up her claim to sovereignty over the territory , we might be more amenable to trade and contact .
9 He stated that his purpose had been ‘ to ascertain the character and function of Mind as the organising principle in Evolution .
10 Osborne , who is Professor of Music at Edinburgh University , conceived this imaginative and daring project ‘ to draw attention to the courage of musicians and the artistic community of Sarajevo by offering the solidarity and support of musicians throughout the world ’ .
11 Certainly the advent of a child in a previously childless marriage can result in a radical readjustment of the priorities and intimacy of relationship between the parents .
12 That given , the Burkian thesis must work itself out inexorably to the separation and independence not only of the great colonies ( in the original sense of that word ) but of every island and speck of rock on the globe : where there could not be representation in a common sovereign assembly , ‘ unity ’ would only be de facto and on sufference , and thus diminishing with the passage of time — organic it could never be .
13 The qualitative variables were : sex , aetiology of cirrhosis ( alcholic or non-alcholic ) , activity of alcoholism ( active consumption at time zero , abstinence for at least one month or undetermined status ) , duration of liver disease from the initial diagnosis ( five years ) , degree of ascites ( absent , moderate , severe ) , degree of encephalopathy ( absent , moderate , coma ) a defined by Adam and Foley , extrahepatic infection ( pulmonary , urinary , or ascitic : present or not ) , previous non-surgical haemostatic procedures before admission if referred from other hospitals ( vasocactive drugs , tamponade ) yes or no , source of variceal bleeding : oesophageal , gastric type 1 , 2 , 3 or by exclusion of any other potential site of bleeding , activity of the bleeding : active ( spurting or oozing ) or recent ( platelet aggregate , adherent clot ) , staging of oesophageal varices ( 1 and 2 , 3 , 4 ) and presence of blood in the stomach ( yes or no ) .
14 It was , after all , the conquest and settlement of Siberia in the late sixteenth and the seventeenth centuries which more than anything else — at least in terms of territorial aggrandizement — originally transformed the land-locked mediaeval Tsardom of Muscovy into the mighty Russian Empire , giving the government in Moscow and then St Petersburg virtually unchallenged , absolute sway over the whole of northern Eurasia and its polyglot peoples .
15 Employees benefited from Homequity 's guaranteed home sale programme which speeded up the sale and purchase of properties in the old and new locations .
16 The overall thickness of the skin is controlled by the rate of division of the basal cells and removal of cells from the outer layer somehow increases the rate of cell multiplication to restore the thickness ; perhaps the dying outer layers produce an inhibitor of cell proliferation so that if the number of surface cells is reduced inhibitor concentration decreases and more cells are produced .
17 Analysis and monitoring of policy since the abolition of the GLC in 1986 will also be used .
18 Whilst improvements in the material well-being of children during the period under consideration is measurable in the decrease in child mortality rates , and advances in education provision and medical care ( in other words the material evidence of the control and monitoring of children by the state ) , the historical changes which occur in the emotional/psychological category , ‘ the child ’ , are largely unknowable .
19 The judges considered the candidate 's participation and level of achievement in the activities of the Chamber , and in Junior Chamber Scotland [ such as attending national conferences and national training days ] , together with the candidate 's potential for further advancement within the organisation .
20 There are various ways in which this can be carried out depending on the age of the child and level of control of the parents .
21 EOG changes themselves are to the same order as EEG changes — up to 150 microvolts , and they are typically recorded using the same time constants and level of amplification as the EEG channel .
22 This in turn obviously reflects the scale and level of risk of the venture contemplated .
23 Remember , however , that the difficulty of the text is relative to your existing knowledge and level of understanding of the topic .
24 The implications of Braverman 's views about the de-skilling and fragmentation of work for the development of new technology parallel Marglin 's : they would both agree that the pattern of technological development is profoundly influenced by managerial requirements .
25 And the means by which it has done so provide another example of the fascination and complexity of adaptation in the natural world .
26 Indeed , the vast scope and complexity of politics at the global level makes the use of models essential .
27 Stateless societies are for the most part small tribal societies , without any complex division of labour and economically poor , but some features of their political systems may perhaps also be found in other types of society , especially in village communities such as those of medieval Germany , or of India ( where they were once described as ‘ little republics ’ ) , although in these instances there is already some degree of subordination to a state , however remote , and some element of stratification and inequality of power in the local community itself .
28 Please check your policy schedule and certificate of insurance at the back of your policy to ensure the details we hold are correct .
29 Please check your policy schedule and certificate of insurance at the back of your policy to ensure the details we hold are correct .
30 Please check your policy schedule and certificate of insurance at the back of your policy to ensure the details we hold are correct .
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