Example sentences of "and [conj] [pron] [verb] [pron] the " in BNC.

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1 That was hot , yes and th in between there used to be that 's where your furnace used to go in and come back and up out the chimney and that they put them the in there to heat the water quick you see and yet they ought to be , they had to be sliced out with a what they call a slice , cos they used to get furred up and we used to give them nineteen and sixpence for that to fill the boiler up again , we had t used to have take Pinmill and they used to have to come up to get fresh water into the anchor boat and we used to pump it up by hand , into the boiler .
2 on and that way you can find out who the candidates are , and once we know who the candidates are we can start going out and seeing if they have public meetings or whatever .
3 And if one identified someone the other had let through , the culprit was doomed .
4 Yes , that 's right , I mean it 's that most of you , most of you can , most of you can arrive at work in the morning and if somebody says what the traffic 's like you would n't know , because you do n't know how you got there .
5 " And if I give you the job , " Fairfax went on , " how soon will you begin ? "
6 We have been referred to several recent cases , of which Padfield v. Minister of Agriculture , Fisheries and Food is the best example , in which the courts have stressed that in the ordinary way a minister should give reasons , and if he gives none the court may infer that he had no good reasons .
7 A great family such as the Milettis is like a sleeping bear : it may look massively apathetic and unimpressionable but each hair of its pelt is wired straight into the creature 's brain , and if you twitch it the wrong way the thing will flex its tendons and turn on you , unzipping its claws .
8 And if you show it the sweep of a gravel drive framed by cypresses and a manicured lawn , it will usher you elegantly to the ball .
9 If you increase the amount of reward the rats run faster than rats that have always received the large reward and if you decrease it the reverse happens ; the rats run more slowly than those that have always had the small reward .
10 And since I know what the proposition means , I must know each constituent of it .
11 Murder : he remembered the first chilling thrill of the word in the school playground , when it was still something to be excited about and before he knew who the victim was , or the chief suspect .
12 They land in a field among crop circles ( they bought crop circle footage off National Geographic , and when they watched it the only car you could see in it was — synchronicity ! — a red station wagon … ) and then pick up a hitch-hiking alien .
13 I was bathing you , and I fetched a clean nappy , and when I unfolded it the letter dropped out , and we read it . ’
14 But Miss Blagden , whom I met by chance yesterday , is going to Rome and when I told her the absurdity of your request she volunteered to carry your ridiculous weapon saying she had always had a fancy to be a gun-runner and that it would be a tale to tell her friends and astonish them .
15 And when I saw it the other day , on my way from London 's West End , I could n't believe it .
16 But she added : ‘ The people at work think I 'm insane and when I showed them the video of the bungee jump it just confirmed their opinion that I 'm a lunatic . ’
17 Next time , we 're going back with a record player and a Thin Lizzy record , we 're going to plug it in and when he asks what the hell we 're doing , we 'll say , ‘ Just listening to that Les Paul on the wall there ! ' ’
18 Shae leaned against him , dizzied by the mental pictures he was creating , and when he kissed her the touch of his lips sent a scorching heat right through her .
19 This , to his great astonishment , caused a considerable disturbance ; and when he inquired what the people meant by putting themselves out over a black man , an Englishman who was passing answered : ‘ Well , perhaps you do n't know it , but you have just thrown one of Her Majesty 's judges out of the train . ’ ’
20 She had not long returned to her room however , when her telephone rang , and when she answered it the sun came out .
21 Rather to her disappointment , Giles replied , and when she gave him the news about Yvette she added cautiously , ‘ Mind you , she still has a little way to go yet , but I think she 'll be OK . ’
22 I dream of Strathspeld , and the long summers of my childhood passed in a trance of lazy pleasure , ending with that day , running through the woods ( but I turn away from that memory , the way I 've learned to over the years ) ; I wander again through the woods and the small , hidden glens , along the shores of the ornamental lochan and the river and its loch and I 'm standing near the old boathouse in that defeatingly bright sunlight , light dancing on water , and I see two figures , naked and thin and white in the grass beyond the reed beds , and as I watch them the light turns from gold to silver and then to white , and the trees seem to shrink in on themselves , leaves disappearing in the chill coruscations of that enveloping white blaze while the view all around me becomes brighter and darker at once and all is reduced to black and white ; trees are bare and black , the ground smother-smoothed in white and the two young figures are gone , while one even smaller one — booted , gloved , coat-tails flying behind — runs laughing across the white level of the frozen loch .
23 So just think of resistance as sort of something that stops the current , and as you increase it the current gets less .
24 Wexford brought his beer and as he passed them the man got up as if to take his leave .
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