Example sentences of "the [noun sg] of [noun] over the " in BNC.

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1 That would certainly make a welcome change , since the weakness of trade over the last year or so has clearly deepened the recession .
2 The British Broadcasting Corporation has extended its 30-year relationship with ICL Plc with two new contracts for the provision of services over the next six years : first , ICL 's CFM facilities management subsidiary will run the Beeb 's mainframe bureau operation in Feltham , West London on ICL Series 39 SX mainframes ; second , the BBC is taking advantage of ICL 's Open Hire agreement in its move to a distributed Unix computing environment .
3 Does the Prime Minister accept responsibility for the chaos and confusion at the heart of Governments over the Poll Tax ?
4 Moreover , the committee , to be commended for having conducted its extensive researches and drawn its conclusions within a few months , has the advantage of immediacy over the Clark and Palmer committees , which sat over so long a period , in a rapidly changing environment , that eventually no one who was still able to recall the original brief was sure whether it was still relevant to the prevailing situation .
5 If I could have foreseen the progress of events over the next two years I would probably have stood up and run directly back to Boulogne .
6 The consequence of Oswiu 's decision at Whitby , therefore , was the destruction of the authority of Iona in Anglo-Saxon territory and the restoration of the authority of the archbishop of Canterbury over the northern Angles .
7 In 610 a combined Avar-Slav army thrust across the karst , following the route of Theodosius over the Pear Tree Pass ( Hrušica ) and the Vipava valley .
8 That decision — and many others involving the course of science over the next four years — may rest with a new group of about 30 senior administrators convened two weeks ago by Gibbons and Bowman Cutter of the National Economic Council .
9 Er w which in turn is is intended to minimize the loss of staff over the next two years .
10 It peaked in the election years of 1983 and 1987 and even the collapse of optimism over the period 1978–80 was halted and temporarily reversed at the 1979 election ( The Economist , 1990 , p. 34 ) .
11 He also brought to an end , but not without difficulty , the suit which had begun between the archbishop and the chapter of Canterbury over the church of Lambeth , which the same archbishop , against the will of the chapter , had built and endowed with many and substantial rents , instituting canons regular in it — noble men , powerful and educated .
12 In this way the illusion of control over the ‘ sinister pluralisation ’ was established .
13 He will be discussing the future of Leeds over the next 5 years or so .
14 Disappointingly there was little evidence of any change in the condition of attenders over the course of two years from the interviewing of the original sample .
15 Witness the attempt to use the impeachment process against Lincoln 's successor , Andrew Johnson ; the defeat of Wilson over the Treaty of Versailles and the routing of his party in the 1920 election .
16 A retired couple have won the right to challenge the Department of Transport over the impact a new bypass could have on their home .
17 Other accusations were the result of disputes over the ownership of animals .
18 The issue of sovereignty over the Islands was not discussed [ see also p. 38435 ] .
19 The issue of control over the Fleet had been a source of tension between the two states since the collapse of the Soviet Union in December 1991 [ see pp. 38732 ; 38878 ] .
20 However , Russia formally protested to the Council of Europe over the status of Russians in the Baltic states , it was reported in The Baltic Independent of May 15-21 .
21 Drop the loop of string over the pins , draw it taut to form a triangle with a pencil point .
22 However , normal irregular traffic is not likely to achieve this low figure , and an average loss of 0.75 of a lock will be assumed in estimating the use of water for the passage of boats over the summit .
23 First used by Christian Dior and Lancôme as a high-performance delivery system for vital active ingredients , the thrust of technology over the next ten years looks set to refine the principle further .
24 The major portion of the consumption of energy over the past 100 years has been due to the industrialisation of what is now called the Developed World .
25 Certainly , the Parliament of the United Kingdom has a number of other functions and one of these , the exercise of control over the Executive , is of fundamental importance to the constitution of the United Kingdom .
26 However , despite Laud 's personal antipathy towards the papacy , the 1630s did see a growth in the influence of Catholicism over the English government and an improvement in relations between Charles 's court and the papal curia , and for the large numbers of English Protestants who were unable to distinguish between Arminianism and popery and who regarded Laud as little more than an agent of Rome , there could be no doubt that the archbishop was to blame .
27 There never have been any economic or social targets , but given the attitude of government over the first seven years of the LDDC this is hardly surprising .
28 In accordance with certain theoretical considerations and after some empirical experimentation , Barro obtained the following fairly complex equation as his best estimate of the process determining the annual rate of growth of the quantity of money over the period 1941–73 : where is the rate of growth of the quantity of money predicted by the process shown in equation ( 6.7 ) to occur in period t , and is the actual rate of growth of the quantity of money in period t - i .
29 Data from the 1931 to 1961 Censuses and from the Ministry of Social Security for 1966 showed a continuous decline in the percentage of men over the age of 65 in full-time paid employment ( Table 2.1 ) .
30 Because of the migration of mackerel over the notional dividing line between eastern and western zones , British fishermen had been faced with dwindling numbers of a healthy species .
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