Example sentences of "be [v-ing] [adj] all the time " in BNC.

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1 ‘ They 're good , and you 're getting better all the time .
2 Well they 're getting stricter all the time and the big danger is , of course , that the restrictions are too strict .
3 You know , while you 're away ironing you 're doing this all the time .
4 The ozone layers and erm the advent of carbon dioxide and these sorts of things , we 're studying this all the time to see how it affects the atmosphere , how it therefore affects our weather .
5 Americans still have to believe that they and their society are getting better all the time .
6 And — this is the significant point — the cars are getting better all the time .
7 By selling 12 times as much wine as it did only five years ago , Australia outsells the US , and with the exchange rate currently working in our favour , prices are getting cheaper all the time .
8 So what they 've done is they 've picked a way of doing but they kept chopping and changing the way they 've been doing that all the time .
9 We are doing this all the time .
10 But you know , I 'm getting older all the time ( laughs ) , and the tight trousers just do n't fit me like they used . ’
11 I could n't give him cover because the see shield is is quite a heavy cumbers cumbersome thing and it has two handles behind it erm and they are obviously the means of holding it up and f for directing it wherever you want so I 'm holding this all the time so he ca n't pass his weapon to me and he ca n't put his weapon in my holster because my gun was in the holster .
12 There was a long silence , broken only by the perpetual nudging of the wind , which seemed to be getting stronger all the time .
13 I 'm doing that all the time .
14 Well I 'm doing that all the time , I 'm doing it with you my love .
15 And it 's just not like me , I 'd just be feeling tired all the time .
16 The contractions were getting stronger all the time .
17 The trouble is my theory 's looking shakier all the time because McDunn 's convinced me it really was all just a smoke-screen : there is no Ares project , never was any Ares project , and Smout in his prison in Baghdad is n't connected to the guys that died ; it was just somebody coming up with a clever conspiracy theory , just a way of getting me to go to remote places and wait for phone calls and deprive me of an alibi while gorilla man did something horrible to somebody else somewhere else .
18 What is more , the performance of the turbo diesel is getting better all the time .
19 The technology , in fact , is getting better all the time : some AFs are now capable of holding the focus all the way from the front surface of the lens to infinity and will lock onto the subject even if it moves from centre-screen right to the edge of the frame .
20 A very good drawing package and one that is getting better all the time .
21 This team have only been together for less than a year and it is getting better all the time .
22 But her work is getting tougher all the time .
23 After the Easter holiday , you 'd think the Wharf would be twice as busy , but trade 's getting worse all the time .
24 Then Steve Shepherd said , ‘ That energy — it 's getting stronger all the time .
25 I was left on a piece of ice that was becoming smaller all the time .
26 The financial motive was looking stronger all the time .
27 You were so stubborn about it , you just kept saying everything was all right , and it was n't , it was getting worse all the time , and I could n't understand why you could n't see it .
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