Example sentences of "be [vb pp] for the [num ord] time " in BNC.

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1 The twenty-five dealers specialising in drawings and paintings are joined for the first time by Colnaghi who opened a small Paris branch in May and are keeping their exhibits a closely guarded secret .
2 The prizewinner was presented with a cup , which had been given for the first time in 1987 .
3 The new items adopt a structured problem-based approach to the many different marital difficulties that people face , and information on the cultural and religious framework , which may affect options open to ethnic minority clients , has been included for the first time .
4 The Canoe-Camper is now on glossy paper and a selection of photographs are included for the first time .
5 Because of the increase in popularity of racing across the Atlantic , extensive coverage of NASCAR and CART championships are included for the first time .
6 He was devastated when he discovered his premises had been attacked for the second time .
7 Electric lighting and heating have been installed for the first time , but all fittings have been concealed as much as possible and all the original oil lamps and 19th century pews have been retained .
8 Now , after quite a shore period , the locomotive has been steamed for the first time and is almost in working order .
9 Two brick arches put up to channel the waters of an underground river have been uncovered for the first time in nearly two hundred years .
10 The Railway 's annual spring Enthusiasts ' Weekend — normally held two weeks before Easter — has been moved for the first time in its 20-year history .
11 The windows have been cleaned for the first time in a year , and what with my contact lenses ( which I 've had since Christmas ) , the view is much improved .
12 Here we are told for the first time such details as that the Moreens are American , that they require a resident tutor for their sickly child , and that Pemberton is looking for the tutor 's job ; or rather , we are not told , but are led to infer these facts , for James avoids a direct statement of them .
13 Whilst this process may , for this model , take up to 20 iterations to achieve an acceptable assembly from a disjointed starting point , once an association has been accomplished for the first time and , if only small disturbances are imposed , re-association may be accomplished in as few as three attempts .
14 OUSTED councillor Ralph Knight has been snubbed for the second time in two months by members of his own party , it was revealed last night .
15 Nevertheless , perhaps because of the procedural problems outlined above , Article 100A(4) appears to have been used for the first time only in 1992 , in relation to German legislation banning the use of PCP ( pentachlorophenol ) despite the fears expressed at the time the Single European Act was signed that it would destroy the Court 's achievements in this sphere .
16 Evidence collected by a new computer-controlled water monitoring and sampling device developed by the National Rivers Authority ( NRA ) has been used for the first time to prosecute a company for polluting a waterway .
17 Wolfgang had begun work on an operatic version of Beaumarchais ' controversial play Le Mariage de Figaro , which had been performed for the first time in Paris the year before .
18 HOUSE has been called for the last time at the Mecca bingo hall in Middlesbrough and its future is now uncertain .
19 Confirmation classes have been televised for the first time in Estonia .
20 The hon. Gentleman will be able to tell his constituents , as I do mine , that domestic users and other small users of electricity are protected for the first time , as a result of the Government 's initiative , by price controls against unjustified price increases .
21 A PLAN to build executive-style houses in an upmarket suburb of Middlesbrough has been refused for the second time .
22 Among other privations , energy rationing had been introduced for the first time in the capital , Havana , in mid-April .
23 The high level of technical ability of Roman engineers , together with the well-developed commercial economy , meant that major civil engineering schemes could also be undertaken for the first time in the landscape .
24 The significance of the defeat on Monday of Ken Livingstone , Brent East MP , could only be calculated for the first time yesterday when the detailed voting figures were published .
25 Eight months earlier he made an abortive attempt for the title , then held by the Frenchman Franck Nicotra , only to be stopped for the first time in his professional career .
26 The whole child , within the context of family and school could be considered for the first time , not just the offence .
27 But the results of discontinued operations will be disclosed for the first time .
28 But child benefit is to be frozen for the first time in two years .
29 One of the world 's few truly great beers was about to be brewed for the first time .
30 Approval from America 's Environmental Protection Agency means that Portersept , made by Courtaulds Coatings in Louisville , Kentucky , can be applied for the first time to heating , ventilation and air conditioning ( HVAC ) systems .
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