Example sentences of "assumed to [be] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Whether this is the case or not , even the more special crimes such as this one can not automatically be assumed to be outside the scope of the postclassical perspective .
2 Animal Painting in Britain was the title of a book by Basil Taylor , where he explained in his first chapter that the topic had been neglected since it was either assumed to be about sporting pictures , or about pictures of horses by such specialists as Sartorius .
3 The units make the forms of the diagrams effectively independent of B , and since C is assumed to be about 4B they can be used to include variations in C. Tanabe-Sugano diagrams can be used to assign spectra empirically ; they lead to the identification of allowed transitions , and very often the fit of the observed transition energies gives values of Δ/B; that are unambiguous .
4 No complete census of dolphins has ever been carried out in India , although the total population is generally assumed to be between 4000 and 5000 .
5 At this stage , services are liable to be restricted to those assumed to be at special risk' or whose circumstances warrant special priority ( p. 45 ) .
6 On this single trial the α-value of the target must be assumed to be at the ( low ) level produced by pre-exposure — however rapidly α tends to change in a new context , the change will require at least one trial to occur .
7 Unfortunately , until well into the twentieth century , the safe period was assumed to be at mid-month .
8 Safety , which has for a long time been assumed to be at odds with commercial considerations , is now a business interest .
9 Similarly the south gate is usually assumed to be at the end of Southgate Street where an internal street points in the direction of Boley Hill ; the existence of a cemetery in this region outside the walls would support this assumption .
10 Until recently assumed to be at Dover . ’
11 This project has three objectives : to investigate how accurately parents and their adolescent children can predict each other 's thinking over complex moral and social problems ; to assess whether the degree of such accuracy is related to the nature and extent of parent-adolescent conflicts , and to test whether an individual at one level of cognitive development can describe the view of another person who is assumed to be at a higher level .
12 A royal banner now bestowed respectability on a cause ; kings ' wars were assumed to be for the sake of peace , even when cripplingly expensive and increasingly savage .
13 Different people solving slightly different problems in separate rooms create no difficulty — until they come to communicate their solutions , which are assumed to be for the same problem .
14 Since the identity of one 's sexual partner may be assumed to be of fundamental significance , it is surely unjustified to give effect to this only where the mistake concerns whether the man is the woman 's husband ?
15 The difference between the two types of selection may be assumed to be of psycholinguistic importance .
16 We shall now take a ferromagnetic material that has a very narrow hysteresis loop so that we can assume with good approximation a unique ( though of course nonlinear ) relationship between B and H. The material is again assumed to be of a toroidal shape but it is now excited by a current I flowing in a coil of N turns ( Fig. 3.13(a) ) .
17 The above relation leads to an expression connecting the area A and the length : — where the leaf is assumed to be of triangular shape .
18 The number is assumed to be of a certain maximum field width and the process also terminates if this field width is reached .
19 The money supply ( MS ) is also exogenous — it is assumed to be under the control of the monetary authorities and does not respond to changes in r or Y.
20 The supply of money is assumed to be under the control of the monetary authorities and is not influenced by changes in national income or in interest rates .
21 Hence the police are assumed to be in the right , capable only of restrained reaction to provocation .
22 For comparison with BrdU , therefore , only the strongly stained nuclei , which are assumed to be in S phase , were counted .
23 ‘ Is it not remarkable , ’ she said , her pretty brows arched in bewilderment , ‘ that an organisation set up in support of the family is thereby assumed to be against the welfare state ?
24 Of course there is a danger that anyone who criticises population policies is assumed to be against family planning per se .
25 Of course there is a danger that anyone who criticises population policies is assumed to be against family planning per se .
26 The same concern was assumed to be behind a White Paper introduced in Parliament in December 1989 outlining proposed restrictions on " political activities " by religious groups .
27 Much of Western psychotherapy draws , in various forms , on the catharsis model , whereby it is held as necessary for emotional health to come to terms with the repressed anger that is assumed to be inside the individual , and techniques are developed to make the individual confront these in a dramatic form .
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