Example sentences of "assumed to [be] [adv] " in BNC.

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1 Recent studies on the context dependence of hydrogen bond free energies in RNA hairpins , revealed by selective base substitutions , conclude that the ribose hydroxyl contributes relatively little to RNA stability ( ∼zero at 37°C ) [ 19 ] , and consequently the free energy contribution to the stability of a single stranded RNA structure from hydrogen bonds is also assumed to be approximately zero ( contrast base stacking interactions ) .
2 From 150kHz to 30HMz , interference is assumed to be primarily conducted .
3 Similarly the state 's organization at any time is assumed to be optimally organized for the needs of capital at that time .
4 The important difference between Keynesian and neo-classical economics is that in the extreme Keynesian model , wages and prices are assumed to be inflexible ( at least in the downward direction ) whereas in the extreme neo-classical model , wages and prices are assumed to be completely flexible .
5 Firms , unlike households , are assumed to be continuously in neoclassical equilibrium : given the value of the real wage rate , they produce just the right ( profit maximizing ) volume of output .
6 I was worried about that and er I think that 's because it 's a German system and everyone is assumed to be over six feet anyway or six feet wide or something .
7 It suddenly became clear to me that I was assumed to be equally as wilfully ignorant .
8 Flight is assumed to be either normal forward flapping flight , or gliding .
9 Thus for each country one could use Lucas 's measure of unanticipated aggregate demand to estimate the following OLS regression based on equation(6.3) : where is a coefficient , and is a random error which is assumed to be serially uncorrelated with zero mean .
10 The admitted fact that South America and Africa look a bit like separated pieces of a jigsaw puzzle was assumed to be just an amusing coincidence .
11 Lafford is a prebend of Lincoln Cathedral , and Richard has been assumed to be also identifiable as Richard de Bello ( of Battle , probably Battle in Sussex ) who was prebendary of Lafford in 1277 and who was also treasurer of Lincoln Cathedral by October 1270 , until at least April 1278 .
12 Consider the following simple model : Clones are assumed to be independently and randomly distributed along the genome , and to all have the same length , 1 , ( in suitable units ) .
13 These dimensions can be assumed to be strongly correlated with each other , so that a model of ‘ strong ’ corporatism can be constructed in terms of which specific countries can be ranked .
14 The cone of vision is assumed to be right regular .
15 In Romantic-Crocean terms , the experience is assumed to be both unique and ineffable , to be undergone in a form of negative capability , without , in Keats 's words , any irritable reaching after fact and reason .
16 Given that the original model is assumed to be both closed and in equilibrium , there is no surplus constant capital to draw upon .
17 Note that this allowance is for independent monsters which are assumed to be magically bound , trained , or otherwise loyal to your cause .
18 The copper can be assumed to be uniformly distributed across the section but it only occupies a fraction unc of the space available ; the current density in the copper is to be J.
19 But behind this victimised female self , whose actions and desires are assumed to be not truly ‘ her own ’ , since they derive from processes of force , conditioning or psychological manipulation , there is seen to be an authentic female self , whose recovery or discovery it is one of the aims of feminism to achieve .
20 This would enhance the authority of international law because of the inherent and self-evidently moral qualities of such an impartial legal process ; the ‘ bindingness ’ of international law would be increased because the aims of the enterprise — the peaceful resolution of international conflicts — would be assumed to be universally desirable .
21 Many have accused schools of trying to prop up ailing churches and fill empty pews , and Christian teachers in particular have been assumed to be heavily biased , teaching for commitment to their particular brand of religion and intolerant towards other religions and other world views .
22 This is assumed to be largely because such events are rare and distinctive .
23 In other words , his argument might be seen as an attempt to confront the common sense with the disconcerting fact that references to what are assumed to be numerically identical spatio-temporal particulars inhabiting an objective world " out there " can not be given a satisfactory justification , and consequently that one can not claim with certainty that such particulars represent the basic material of which the world is made up .
24 Needs for Personal Social Services for children are assumed to be predominantly determined by being in a lone-parent family , regardless of the economic circumstances of the family .
25 These people have acquired their skills elsewhere : they receive no training in the course of their seasonal employment and are assumed to be fully functional from their first day at work .
26 He was disappearing regularly into the bowels of the City to meet various moneypersons , all of whom were assumed to be faintly threatening male chauvinists .
27 Everyone is assumed to be potentially capable of having sexual relations with a person of either sex , although there could be exceptions at either end of the spectrum , that is , there are some people who are constitutionally unable to be anything other than heterosexual , and some who are unable to be anything other than homosexual .
28 It is also the case that people 's sex can not be held to be an effect of their job or their work record ; sex must be assumed to be causally prior to both of these variables .
29 Private passions are not assumed to be a universal , biologically determined category ( they are of unknown origin , not assumed to be necessarily identical across different cultures ) .
30 Although this proposition is wide enough to cover payment made in response to an illegal demand it was stated in the context of a court order of which the compulsitor must be assumed to be very much stronger than that of a mere demand which has yet to be enforced .
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