Example sentences of "responsible for [adj] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 I think the the key point about patriotism is one reason why perhaps people in , in Britain and so on should n't be patriotic too , but if you see the rather cynical attitude of the Western countries towards recent events , not just in Russia but right across the Eastern block , very good example was condemned , erm but when , following the massacres erm , the West has gone on to sort of do deals with the winners and cultivate links er with the people responsible for that massacre , the killing of the Soviet Union went the other way and consequently erm that 's where you know Western resources are directed .
2 Michael Heseltine , the self-styled interventionist , was , at one stage , responsible for that company when it was owned by the state .
3 Yet the irony is that it is this quarrelling within the Church Of England which is largely responsible for that lack of interest .
4 ( v ) Most libels of any gravity directed at the conduct of a local authority would sufficiently identify the councillors or officers concerned in or responsible for that conduct so as to enable individual councillors or officers to sue for libel just as , in this case , Mr. Bookbinder has brought proceedings in respect of the libels complained of by the council .
5 What quirk of the feminine psyche had been responsible for that decision ?
6 I will command the main body and Jotan will be responsible for that part of the force which will travel west once we have crossed the G'bai .
7 The main difference is in the language used to describe what is responsible for that residuum : for determinists it is the variability of constellations of causes in individual cases ; for indeterminists it is our ability to choose not to be predictable .
8 We should all of us be responsible for that building , not just myself or yourself .
9 Who is the person responsible for that change ?
10 We are satisfied that no one connected with the Kent Messenger Group was responsible for that act . ’
11 These are the responsibility centres of local government , representing the functional areas of spending , each with a professional responsible for that activity to the council .
12 The unit general manager responsible for that hospital has made it clear more than once that if additional baby heaters were needed they would be purchased out of the hospital budget . ’
13 ‘ We were 100 per cent responsible for that investment , legally and morally , ’ says Equity & Law marketing manager Brian Taylor .
14 Camp thereby negotiates some of the lived contradictions of subordination , simultaneously refashioning as a weapon of attack an oppressive identity inherited as subordination , and hollowing out dominant formations responsible for that identity in the first instance .
15 Thugs like Watson are responsible for that reign of terror .
16 ‘ The Chipperfields are responsible for that side of the business . ’
17 You are responsible for that job and you are identified on the project quality plan check list as to what you will be doing and what other members of the team will be doing .
18 he should have known or whoever organized the fair should have known so really it does n't work unless you make one person responsible for that job .
19 New products should be allowed to trade freely in any market overseen only by the agency responsible for that market , he told the Chicago Commodities Law Institute yesterday .
20 If a claim is not provided by the agreed date , the Prime contractor may notify the Non-academic Parties responsible for that claim that it intends to submit a consolidated claim without including such missing claim and may thereafter proceed with such submission accordingly .
21 The evident success of the Slater scheme was , in part , responsible for that improvement .
22 The only red grape grown is Pinot Noir , which is responsible for all reds and rosés .
23 Both cases involved plant hire contracts on the Contractors Plant Association standard terms which provided in clause 8 that drivers of equipment supplied by the owner were : for all purposes in connection with their employment in the working of the plant to be regarded as the servants or agents of the hirer … who alone shall be responsible for all claims arising in connection with the operation of the plant by the said drivers or operators .
24 Starting in 1980 Mr. Pearson became deeply involved in a farming venture but despite the creation of a highly successful Holstein show herd this investment unfortunately was largely responsible for all G.M. Pearson & Son Ltd , interests being put into Receivership in July 1986 .
25 Responsibility for the education of severely subnormal children in England and Wales was transferred by this Act from the health authorities to the local education authorities ; LEAs were thereafter responsible for all establishments caring for mentally handicapped children .
26 The academic registrar The academic registrar is a full-time administrator , responsible for all matters academic — from the appointment of academic staff to the admission of students , from college statutes and rules to formal relationships between the college and its principal funding authorities .
27 The bursar The bursar is another full-time administrator , responsible for all matters relating to college funding and the control of college financial expenditures .
28 The ten authorities acquired control of water services from a variety of other bodies including river authorities and local authorities , and are now responsible for all matters connected with the use and disposal of water : water conservation and supply ; land drainage ; amenity , recreation , and fisheries ; and pollution control .
29 Comprising originally the North East/North West to South West/South East network of trains which were routed to run through Birmingham New Street ( where they made a series of interchanges ) the Cross Country InterCity sub-sector is now responsible for all services which do not use a London terminus .
30 Mr Barwise-Munro felt there was still a great deal to learn about bovine obstetrics and he discounted the farmer 's view that bulls were responsible for all problems , saying : ‘ The bull is important but we also have to consider the pelvic area of the female .
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