Example sentences of "ready for [adj] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Having correctly spaced the members of the party at the other end of the rope , any spare rope should be coiled neatly around the leader 's shoulders and tied off with an overhand knot , ready for possible use later in the day .
2 He spotted at once the no-nonsense tones of the Koran , and , as always when The Book was being quoted , kept his eyes on his chest and tried to look like a man willing to leap off his chair on to all fours , ready for total prostration at any moment .
3 The two groups prepared to write their papers and got ready for joint submission , which was set for Friday 24 March .
4 During the winter the bridge was completely rebuilt and the line 's controlling company Brecon Mountain Railway lashed out for £100,000 to make sure that the bridge was ready for 1992 operations .
5 The Government eventually opted for services at Ardley , but they wo n't be ready for many months .
6 It has been established that new information rapidly decays from the memory ; it can not be kept ready for instant recall unless its impression on the brain is renewed .
7 When they played cricket and other games in Calcutta their arms were placed on a table under a guard on the edge of the playing field , ready for instant action .
8 He is the shooter ; he must always be available , ready for instant action .
9 It was hot and clammy , accentuated by the constant pain of keeping his body at critical pitch , ready for instant action .
10 As usual , all rigs are fully interchangeable and ready for instant swaps .
11 Perhaps the least welcome part of the TA 's weekend is having to wash the Land-Rovers and motor cycles , and clean and store the kit , for all this equipment must always be ready for instant use .
12 Safely stowed against the mast or along the stays , it is always ready for instant use .
13 Ready for continued descent — but on a modest gradient .
14 Be about ready for young Cooke , I reckon . ’
15 The men who created the new unionism and , in so doing , abandoned Industrial Co-operation ( except as a minor and incidental means to trade unionism 's ends of improving conditions of employment ) were not wrong in their time because , in short , history was not yet ready for Industrial Co-operation .
16 Jumping into a vehicle they drove furiously to Haleiwa where their P.40s were ready for immediate take-off .
17 When on 5 September the Lords Lieutenant of the four most northerly counties were ordered to make their respective militias ready for immediate service , it emerged that neither Northumberland nor Durham had been reimbursed by central government for the money they had previously spent in keeping the force mustered , while the authorities in Cumberland admitted candidly : ‘ T is so long since the militia was raised that we are apprehensive the arms are either lost or in bad order . ’
18 For instance , a tenant may have agreed to take a lease from a landlord of premises which are free standing and are ready for immediate occupation by the tenant .
19 However , with two divers in the water at the same time , one can aid the other , and there is always the standby diver on the vessel , ready for immediate response .
20 During this time the egg passes along her oviduct ( egg-laying tube ) so that it is ready for immediate extrusion when she arrives at the nest .
21 Crack a cooled bean and check that it is evenly coloured throughout ; if so , the beans are ready for immediate use of may be cooled and stored in an airtight jar .
22 If it does , the battery is ready for immediate use ; if not , leave it on charge for as long as necessary .
23 Satisfied that the gun was ready for immediate use , Kirov transferred it discreetly to his jacket pocket before turning and walking towards the waiting figure of Ybreska .
24 Omari gives a translation of an interesting example in reply to a reader who had written that Africans were ready for immediate self-rule :
25 But because the two meeting houses are enveloped in giant tarpaulins ready for overnight fumigation there will be no official welcome .
26 Traditional English furniture includes desks , filing cabinets and chairs in polished yew or mahogany , or plain white ready for decorative painting .
27 Mr Dinkins is ready for that kind of campaign .
28 Enjoy this last day and get ready for that celebration tomorrow .
29 A centre will not have to take on devolved responsibility at a level which it is unwilling to accept — and SCOTVEC will not offer devolved responsibility to a centre whose internal quality systems are not ready for that responsibility .
30 It also helps to leave one dose of flake in a twist of polyfoil ready for that feeding .
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