Example sentences of "deal of [noun] over " in BNC.

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1 Interactive Systems Corp — now SunSoft Inc — began by marketing the product strongly , but later faced a barrage of complaints and problems over speed and stability , and reportedly lost a great deal of money over the venture .
2 People had been staging revolutions without a great deal of success over the years and it was seventy percent of the people who were disadvantaged was n't it ?
3 Black Holes are fascinating , and have caused a great deal of excitement over the past 20 years .
4 To someone accustomed by the existing advanced accounting courses , with no involvement in the National Certificate , the proposals seemed somewhat revolutionary and the document generated a good deal of discussion over the following few weeks on the relative merits of the B1 and B2 models etc .
5 Directly and indirectly , they have a great deal of influence over curricular matters .
6 We have repaid a great deal of debt over recent years .
7 ‘ I caused the party a great deal of anxiety over my views ’ he explained and added ‘ but strangely enough with this book it has not been such a struggle .
8 There is a good deal of confusion over the use of concepts to analyse the institutions and processes of policy-making .
9 Interim reporting has been attracting a great deal of attention over the past year .
10 Other polls have been published in the newspapers , however , and the issue has gained a good deal of attention over the past few weeks .
11 I could hardly blame him here — at least his feelings ; but even if , with an earlier and exact diagnosis he could have been spared a great deal of pain over a considerable period of time , I realize that nothing could have saved him .
12 The ribbon is made , and thenceforth she spends a great deal of time over her hair .
13 Constanze was to spend a good deal of time over the next two years at Baden , where her husband often visited her .
14 The Bank of England has a great deal of power over the financial markets because of its role as lender of last resort .
15 The programmers in the company initially had a good deal of control over the computer installation , which provoked management to cut down their influence .
16 From the Carlowitz peace negotiations with the Habsburgs in 1699 , successive grand viziers began to leave him a good deal of control over foreign affairs , though he again was also entrusted with a wide variety of other and quite different functions .
17 After James II had been overthrown , a new system of government began to develop under which Parliament met every year and voted taxes annually , the King chose ministers who were acceptable to Parliament , the administrative departments became independent of direct royal intervention ( though the King still had a great deal of authority over his ministers ) and Parliament took responsibility for national financial policy .
18 There is a good deal of controversy over this issue .
19 In conclusion , we believe that our study avoided the methodological and analytical problems of previous reports , which have given rise to a great deal of controversy over the efficacy of EFA supplementation in AD .
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