Example sentences of "let me just give " in BNC.

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1 I 'm c look let me just give him the two options .
2 The promise and the fulfilment , let me just give you a couple of verses there in John fourteen , John make er , Jesus he makes this statement to his disciples , in John fourteen , in verses sixteen and seventeen , and I will ask the Father and he will give you another helper , another word for the Holy Spirit , that he may be with you forever .
3 Let me just give you an idea , just that 's something else we do , let me give you some idea of , that 's a couple of examples very attractive books
4 I mean when one starts to , to scratch the surface , let me just give one example I mean we feel er I M R O fails on on its membership I mean the fact that you had Bishopsgate Investment Management which was the beneficial owner was an organisation in Liechtenstein .
5 First he sent him to the Jews to be tried as they said , then he sent him Herod then Pilate thought , if I scourge him that will satisfy them , let me just give him a beating and the folk will be happy and it 'll be alright .
6 Let me just give you a list of some of the things that , that God has provided for us in , by , and we receive it by faith .
7 Let me just give you a little illustration that might help , you know in thinking of the erm the fusion of the divinity , the divine nature and the human nature , erm is it Clarke Kent , is that the guys name on television , you know the character , you know the guy that walks around you know he 's the boy next door type figure with glasses and all the rest of it , he 's no macho figure that and then in a transformation take place and woof goes flying through the air does n't he , what is he , he 's Batman is n't he
8 And whilst in a Shakespeare play well , let me just give the , give the ex erm example that if this was a Shakespeare play for example , and you , you had all these characters in disguise conning other people and whatever , by the end of the play everybody would be out of their disguises and marrying each other and all the bad people would have been consigned , you know , to stage off
9 So let me just give you two brief quotations from real press releases which I have , I 've got piles and piles of these things .
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