Example sentences of "let me just say " in BNC.

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1 Let me just say : I remember you and I remember Daniel .
2 First of all , let me just say that everything I am going to tell you is the complete and absolute truth .
3 ‘ First of all , let me just say that everything I am going to tell you is the complete and absolute truth . ’
4 Er let me just say that aloud
5 Ah , let me just say what leaders of peacetime Margaret was after early life was that a cold mother who was erm , full of personality People of London biography of the leader of the Conservative , because at least half the book is about
6 Yeah , well let me just say first , I 'm an agony aunt , a medical journalist , I 've got a psychology degree , I 've written health books , and as a punter I took Prozac by accident .
7 members to members , and not perhaps for officers to interfere too much other than to give you background information , and it has been falling off , let me just say that .
8 Well let me just say quickly we 're being recorded there 's there 's someone er who 's got ta er a project organisation by the Oxford University Press who 's interested in our spoken word
9 That is the scheme er as as I see it and unless , unless I I thi , unless that is progressed quickly then as I say I am extremely pessimistic and let me just say Chairman the dangers of not going along that line the dangers of the present scheme which was at the last planning committee meeting or or or was it one of the social services committee anyway , where four were chosen or or it was said choose a small number .
10 Then we 're sending a letter which erm , well let me just say , we are then also sending , now here with the D I Y , the numbers er coincide Here the numbers coincide with the illustrations , so if I talk about a certain you have to look at paper one , paper two paper three or A B C. And you see what they look like .
11 Erm then It is though let me just say quickly It is a recognized fact for weddings that you do sell through the magazines .
12 And let me just say one thing , before Celia talks about the admin course and that is
13 Er I will I will hand over but let me just say this that my instinct is that it a policy expressed in the way you 've you 've suggested is just superfluous because all you 're doing is describing in in a po in upper case letters , the situation as it is and that that my answer is that it would that there would be no need for such a it would be gratuitously ap it 's an unnecessary statement .
14 Alright , now we come to the erm , first resolution , erm , but before I invite Alan Morgan , to er , er , er , propose this resolution let me just say , it will of course be the last occasion , I 've never seen such a remarkable er , demonstration of the interest which we all have in the future of Alan .
15 right cos then you 're taking them away from the fact that you want other quotes right , they 'll say to you oh we were n't thinking of doing it actually until the winter , right and then you can say to them well let me just say that by placing your order in now we can put your installation in hand , right , basically at today 's prices , right , on an extended delivery , right , and you can still qualify for a special offer , right
16 So let me just say a few things before he does arrive , and catch his breath and perhaps have a cup of tea , on , on a topic which we , it 's not fully listed but I think is worth just mentioning , and that is writing for the press , because it may occur to you and in fact you may yourself on occasions , write things for the press .
17 Let me just say one or two things about radio and see whether it makes sense to people , and in particular whether it makes sense to our colleagues from the local radio in this region .
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