Example sentences of "place [prep] a period " in BNC.

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1 These are sometimes designed to take place for a period of time such as a day or a week .
2 And we 're shortly to appoint some erm consultant assessor who will assess our system , and we will run our , have our system in place for a period of about four months .
3 Pregnancy sometimes occurs when intercourse takes place during a period .
4 The After Redundancy study took place during a period when the level of economic activity among older people in general , and older men in particular , had been declining ( Walker 1980 ; Parker 1982 ; OPCS 1987 ) .
5 Yet the development of the law of trusts had taken place within a period in which it alone could offer these advantages ; to them its rise owed much .
6 Altogether , tutorials take place over a period of about twenty-four weeks in the last year of a course , and usually by the last twelve tutorials a student has a much clearer idea of what he or she is about .
7 The rebuilding of the old manor took place over a period of about five years and was probably finished in about 1727 .
8 Spread is slow and extension may take place over a period of months , even years .
9 In LEAs where a scheme of delegation has been in place over a period of years , the question of making more money soon arises .
10 Under the legal definition of crime , it is in theory possible to determine the number of crimes committed in any one place over a period of time .
11 Then it takes its place over a period of time within the wider teaching of the principles , planning and practice of worship , enabling the ordinand to explore the theological and practical importance of music in an appropriate context .
12 But the change was n't radical , it took place over a period of er I would suggest er maybe about six or seven years .
13 Some settlement is likely to take place over a period after the trench has been filled , but this can be filled in at a later stage .
14 As weak springs can only stored a fraction of the potential energy that a strong spring can hold , the remainder is lost as heat and if the change from a strong to a weak spring takes place over a period of time , equivalent to the observation time , then the energy loss is detected as mechanical damping .
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