Example sentences of "all over the world " in BNC.

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1 Amnesty sections all over the world include the Prisoner Letter Writing Campaign cases in the magazines and newssheets they publish in many other languages , from Faroe to Banlga .
2 Our task today is to increase the international pressure on behalf of the thousands of prisoners of conscience all over the world , to make tomorrow the day their freedom is restored .
3 Nowadays , people all over the world unequivocally reject the idea of gulags , yet they are still willing to let themselves be hypnotised by totalitarian poesy and to march to new gulags to the tune of the same lyrical song piped by Eluard when he soared over Prague like the great archangel of the lyre , while the smoke of Kalandra 's body rose to the sky from the crematory chimney .
4 At home though he can plug himself in to other computers all over the world .
5 Over the last year thousands of films have been produced all over the world .
6 In many training organisations all over the world , student pilots get no training at all with this kind of problem .
7 It is still probably one of the main causes of fatal gliding accidents all over the world .
8 Much of the syllabus has become part of the training of dancers all over the world .
9 The unusually confrontational rhetoric suggests that Mao was perhaps less than correct when , 40 years ago yesterday , he announced to Tiananmen : ‘ The Chinese people have stood up … we have friends all over the world . ’
10 With cemeteries to maintain all over the world it is nor surprising that a variety of arrangements , contracts and agreements have had to be set up to ensure proper care and maintenance .
11 Be aware of what is happening all over the world , but for goodness sake do n't allow the market — by which I mean the City — to guide the destiny of your company .
12 Using funds raised in public capital markets all over the world , 3i is a major force in the provision of share and loan capital to unquoted British companies .
13 The job involved visiting mining camps , quarries and oilfields all over the world selling explosives and it gave Haslam his first taste of the excitement of travel , something that has remained with him all his life .
14 The British Army has provided troops for the UN all over the world .
15 The Nijmegen Marches are an annual high-profile event in which 33,000 people , from all over the world , march twenty-six miles per day for four consecutive days .
16 Her 30-year study of the Gombe National Park chimpanzees is the longest continuous field project ever recorded ; it has made her — and the chimpanzees — a living legend , earning her honorary degrees , doctorates and wildlife-conservation awards all over the world .
17 Now , as a new year begins , will you help Save the Children to continue providing care and support all over the world ?
18 In Britain today , and all over the world , there are countless children and their families whose future depends on Save the Children .
19 Apart from costing the lives of countless millions of animals each year , its production is also causing starvation for millions all over the world .
20 Because no other catalogue offers such exciting gifts from all over the world — at such value for money prices .
21 It was the wedding of the century , the fairy tale that excited , fired and fascinated people all over the world .
22 The press scoffed at his walks in the Kalahari Desert , at his fascination with lost and ancient tribes ; but experiences like that , plus a lifetime of travelling all over the world , seeing underdeveloped and overdeveloped countries and every kind of political regime , has brought him to this viewpoint .
23 Born in 1900 , the same year as the Queen Mother , he had spent twenty-three years at the top , he had travelled all over the world , he had stories and memories of escapades and people and was a colourful raconteur .
24 Lord Mountbatten had spent ten years tirelessly promoting the dream , talking about it all over the world , often in the highest places , inspiring everyone around him and shamelessly raising money to build more colleges .
25 Charles had long been interested in architecture — he had grown up with beautiful buildings and visited hundreds more all over the world ; he had read extensively on the subject and , by the very nature of the job , had seen a multitude of buildings , especially in the inner cities , that not only looked ghastly , but that people clearly found ghastly to live in .
26 The old Victorian hospital , which has performed miracles on thousands of sick children from all over the world in the intervening years , had reached the end of its life .
27 The announcement that no less than three mission-territories are to be entrusted to native African bishops has rejoiced mission-minded Catholics all over the world .
28 Granary Wharf , Central Basin — diverse crafts from all over the world , reached by walking under the City Station .
29 It is uncomfortable for us all , but it happens all over the world , every day of the week . ’
30 But the council said the Government 's decision to repatriate had profound implications for asylum seekers all over the world and added that it was ‘ utterly appalled ’ by the action taken furtively in Hong Kong .
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