Example sentences of "control over the [noun] " in BNC.

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1 In addition to imitation , there are a number of other procedures designed to give the teacher or therapist some degree of control over the child 's language production .
2 Her only way of coping with her over-identification with my situation was to try to reassert control over the child I used to be and prevent the cycle repeating itself .
3 If a third party has harmed the child , therefore , the statutory criteria will only be met if a reasonable parent would have acted to prevent the harm or was unable to do so because of his lack of control over the child .
4 Direct expenditure by the federal government on investment has been virtually eliminated since the adoption of the 1974 Constitution , but , as we shall see below , the federal government continues to have an important indirect influence on investment through its control over the level of bank credits .
5 Consequently the policy of expanding and then contracting demand , which came to be known as ‘ stop — go ’ , was a result of the direct conflict between the employment and balance of payments objectives since control over the level of aggregate demand was relied upon in order to achieve both goals .
6 Rejecting the simultaneous freeing of prices for most goods and services ( the so-called " Polish variant " ) , Ryzhkov announced " a stage-by-stage introduction of market methods of price formation combined with state control over the level and movement of prices " .
7 Neither House of Parliament exercises the constitutional control over the minister in the Council which is exercised by the Danish Folketing Market Committee .
8 17.32 Development in attainment target 3 is marked by : increasing control over the structure and organisation of different types of text ; a growing ability to handle complex or demanding subject matter ; a widening range of syntactic structures and an expanding vocabulary as the pupil begins to use language that is characteristic of writing rather than speech and to strive for a style that is appropriate to the subject matter and the readership ; a growing capacity to write independently and at length ; an increasing proficiency in re-reading and revising or redrafting the text , taking into account the needs of the audience ; a developing ability to reflect on and talk about the writing process .
9 increasingly conscious control over the structure and organisation of different types of text ;
10 Do n't confuse the environment with the wider systems of interest , which , although providing inputs and receiving outputs , exercise control over the system being considered , normally by setting the standards , rules and so on ; additionally , the wider system often provides the resources that are used by the subject system .
11 It has been suggested that the lack of control over the system of payment by the Ministry of Health has created ‘ monumental distortions and fraud . ’
12 It often happens in large computer systems that , because of a lack of local control over the system , there is little confidence that accuracy of data can be guaranteed .
13 Although the functionaries of Soviet society merely earn salaries in return for the functions required by the state , this does not give a complete picture of their privileges ; others derive from their control over the system of distribution .
14 In these elite theory accounts , then , political leadership principally consists of maintaining an impression of public control over the state apparatus as a whole , and developing slogans or political formulae useful in mobilizing voter or interest group support .
15 Under this system of economic production , even though a merchant class was able to find a niche for itself by providing loans and commodities for kings , princes and noble landowners , this class was largely excluded from control over the state , which was dominated by increasingly absolutist kings and their royal entourage of lords and nobles .
16 Qayyum 's re-election led observers to conclude that the crisis could worsen as Rathore 's government coalition faced both an opposition President , and a hostile federal government in Islamabad with effective control over the state 's finance and bureaucracy .
17 But the price of obtaining the destruction of working-class power and organization was a loss of control over the state by the bourgeoisie and nobility .
18 Any attempt to reduce inflation permanently would require a deep cut in government spending and tight control over the money supply .
19 Therefore monetarists have resorted to the claim that governments can exert control over the money stock if they are determined enough , and in so doing will bring about the desired effect on money incomes and prices .
20 However , they did not always have control over the money or make the key decisions over how it was spent and distributed .
21 Er , in double income families , certainly in double income families , surely the wife 's gon na have more control over the money that she earns and the money that she can use ?
22 Long-run price stability therefore requires long-run control over the money supply .
23 Medium- and long-term control over the money supply
24 The white , male mechanics thus had control over the women , since the female machinists were dependent upon the men to maintain and mend their machines .
25 They implement decisions rather than deciding on the overall direction of a company ; they do not have effective control over the company they work for .
26 Similarly , ultimate rights of control over the company are legally vested in the shareholders , giving them , at least in theory , the ability to shape the company 's purposes for their own ends .
27 First , dispersal of shareholdings has led to effective control over the company being ceded to management .
28 Its directors had to sustain wars in Asia , try to devise means of governing newly conquered Indian provinces , and cope with the demands of the national government and of Parliament for an ever greater measure of control over the Company .
29 Third , the floating charge holder will be able to take steps to enforce the charge and , as will be seen , this accords him considerable control over the company 's affairs .
30 Fourth , the holder of a floating charge will have some measure of control over the company even without taking any steps to enforce it .
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