Example sentences of "available for [adj] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Mr Clay drew eighth in the ballot for private member 's bills , but with only seven Fridays available for second readings has limited chances of seeing his bill made law .
2 Because of the spectacular growth in provision the number of long stay beds in the private and voluntary sectors now dwarfs the number available for long term care in the NHS .
3 Whereas ministerial consent was previously required , now certain ‘ secure tenants ’ have the right to buy their houses ( flats , initially excluded from purchase but available for long lease , were later included ) .
4 Offline will always take two copies of Offlined material , seeking one media item available for Primary copies and another available for Secondary copies .
5 The offline system will always take two copies of requested material , seeking one media item available for Primary copies and another available for Secondary copies .
6 An arrangement had been made in association with the World Bank for Scottish advice to be made available for primary education in Pakistan .
7 There is an enormous variety of good material available for primary children : this was demonstrated by the length of the list of authors published in our first Report .
8 By February more room should be available for tutor-led group sessions and workshops .
9 Farmers were evacuated so that their land could be made available for Japanese immigrants or industrial concerns ; labour conscription was widespread .
10 Really , this is another way of saying that capital is sunk , but for a short period of time , because whilst the plane is in use it is not available for alternative flights .
11 The first irradiated fuel will be dismantled in the new cell in January 1995 and from then on it will be available for alternative use with IFD 2 .
12 For instance , a rock shattered through physical weathering will be more liable to chemical weathering because of the increased surface area made available for chemical reactions .
13 Most organisations involved in functional catering establish and maintain lists of people whom they have screened for their suitability and who have declared themselves available for casual work .
14 Thus , one large contract caterer in a northern city with a high unemployment rate , whose casuals consisted almost entirely of otherwise unemployed people , estimated that as many as four times the number of people passed through its list of those available for casual work in the course of a year than were on that list at any one point in time .
15 During vacations , priority will be given to formal sports conferences and courses , but otherwise all facilities are available for casual use to all visitors .
16 For general purpose pads 2.4mm o/d are quite adequate and again special shapes are available for integrated circuit pin-outs which are already conveniently laid out on the correct 0.1″ pitch .
17 Of all the treatments for obesity , none could be more physiological or less psychological than the operation known as jejeunoileostomy or ileal bypass , in which most of the small intestine is short circuited thus greatly reducing the amount of intestine available for absorbing food .
18 Time available for in-service training was cut and cut again .
19 I am quite pleased that Auckland fly-half Grant Fox has changed his mind and made himself available for international action .
20 Although routine screening is available for certain groups of women it is still important for your to maintain an awareness of your own health .
21 Although routine screening is available for certain groups of women it is still important for you to maintain an awareness of your own health .
22 The value -1 ( minus one ) is used to indicate that no data are available for certain countries ( specifically : Mauritania , Guinea-Bissau , Liberia , Gabon , Congo , the Central African Republic , Namibia , Togo and Botswana ) .
23 Cover may also be arranged to protect against losses during the manufacturing period and is available for certain types of services as well as manufactured goods .
24 Small sums might be available for certain needs , such as redecorating parts of the school , and the appraisal might result in some changed priorities .
25 Studentships are offered for postgraduate study within the field of Humanities at universities and certain other institutions of higher education ; they are available for certain courses of study and research leading to a higher degree , and for certain certificate or diploma courses not covered by the bursary scheme .
26 There is a good case for excluding these economically inactive people since they can not really be described as capable and available for full-time work .
27 A CONTROVERSIAL proposal that unemployed young people between 16 and 21 should make themselves available for full-time community service is to be discussed by the Labour Party .
28 Both the Whettons , Alan and Gary , have announced that they will again be available for major rugby this year .
29 Automatic recovery is accomplished using customer-tailorable standard recovery scripts available for major databases and for major communication interfaces — TCP/IP , Open Systems Interconnection , X25 , SNA and Datakit .
30 It is available for early testing on Sparc machines and should become generally available in April supporting RS/6000s as well .
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