Example sentences of "as far as the " in BNC.

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1 Arabella Buckley hissed out the words , but Sven Hjerson thought it very likely they had been carried by the sticky breeze as far as the couple in the prow .
2 However , do n't thrust the chin forwards and only pull back the withdrawing hand as far as the side of the face — not to the ribs or the hip .
3 So he divided the people , half to scour the right bank of the river down the forested links and narrows as far as the meadows above Logierait and force a signature from every proprietor , half to come with him to the north side ; they would all meet at Haugh of Ballechin after the sun had set and plan for tomorrow .
4 Outside the kitchen were brambles and thistles as far as the eye could see .
5 Loud music flooded the room ; on the screen people were dancing , as far as the eye could see .
6 Bearing all this in mind , what are we to make of Searle 's ( 1984 ) claim that the brain does not identify faces via information processing of the kind described in cognitive models and that , as far as the cognitive sciences are concerned , there may simply be no story to tell ?
7 The demand for shell suits in shiny crinkle and trilobal fabrics is waning and there will certainly be less of these versions around by next spring as far as the more fashion conscious wearer is concerned .
8 Spaying is the complete surgical removal of the entire uterus ( womb ) as far as the cervix , together with both ovaries .
9 As far as the involvement of one of his tutors is concerned , this is purely surmise on his part , and was always expressed as such .
10 It is a hole in the head as far as the Irishman is concerned .
11 ‘ Portugal has completely fulfilled its obligations as far as the Deed of Declaration is concerned , ’ Mr De Silva said .
12 Regular correspondence with the revered minimalist La Monte Young introduced him to the Dadaist movement Fluxus , but by the time he had won a Leonard Bernstein scholarship to the Berkshire School of Music in Massachusetts , ‘ I felt I 'd run my course as far as the avant-garde was concerned ’ .
13 It could just as well have been the 20th birthday of the Eden Gardens tea urn , and as far as the Indian government is concerned , there is nothing like an international cricket tournament for persuading the electorate that , with polling day just around the corner , Rajiv is the boy to vote for .
14 As far as the Conservative Party is concerned , the current method of recruitment to the candidate list has released a great deal of pent-up energy and ability .
15 As far as the administration is concerned , the debate over what to do next is governed to a large extent by what the American people say they are prepared to sacrifice to force General Noriega to retire or return to the United States to answer drug trafficking charges .
16 As far as the husband goes , he has the corpse but no clear evidence of murder .
17 A further exploration with von Wissmann in 1939 took him from Aden , through the almost unknown highlands to the north-east as far as the Wadi Jirdan and on into Hadhramaut , the results appearing in his Aden to the Hadhramaut ( 1947 ) .
18 As far as the grassroots are concerned we have got one , and I hope we have her for a very long time . ’
19 We were lucky in finding something to drink but unfortunate as far as the crumpet was concerned .
20 The first few days in Bavant were fairly quiet as far as the enemy activity was concerned , with a few mortar bombs coming over from time to time .
21 I stop playing the pipes before we leave the town as I appear to be missing out as far as the wine is concerned !
22 This was clearly a wild exaggeration , but it showed , at least as far as the large Catholic minority of Belorussia was concerned , that any attempt to base nationalism on Catholic separatism would be doomed to failure .
23 This lesson had been reinforced as far as the railways were concerned each spring from 1918 to 1920 , when urgent orders went out from the highest level to rehabilitate them in order to cope with the influx of vital foodstuffs and fuel to the towns .
24 Australia and New Zealand even wanted to go as far as the international operation of aircraft on trunk routes .
25 As far as the Foreign Office was concerned , postwar economic problems were transient .
26 As far as the company was concerned , as one drifted nearer to insolvency , any rescuer who appeared would have been welcome provided we 'd been absolutely assured at the critical time when the loss of £92m was announced that a rescue was legally binding , underwritten and in place .
27 As far as the perks of the job are concerned , Haslam looks back at his ICI days with a certain amount of nostalgia .
28 As far as the Science Museum is concerned it 's a question of helping it with the whole game of raising finance and all the other things they have to do .
29 As far as the British were concerned , Asian emigration to East African countries was extremely successful .
30 It was this very situation — one where the workers themselves could take control of the struggle , organise and demand on their own behalf — which was not acceptable as far as the trade union bureaucracy and leadership were concerned .
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