Example sentences of "who happened to be " in BNC.

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1 Buddeke wrote bits of her speech into a notebook as he examined those around him and made note of the enthusiastic individuals who happened to be standing nearby , describing dress , attitude , or making little sketches .
2 By way of Nero and his brief successor Galba ( who happened to be 73 , which is Mr Healey 's present age ) , we arrived at a picture , on page 483 , of Mr Healey dressed as Father Christmas , which I suggested was deeply melancholy .
3 It can not have been easy for an ordinand or a curate to stand up to contemptuous persiflage about his religion from one of the ablest minds of the generation who happened to be his own brother .
4 It was basically a group of people who happened to be around but very soon we all had titles and were constantly organising and re-organising the creating divisions and systems and methods .
5 Before being taken to the platform , he was introduced to those members of the Committee who happened to be milling around the entrance .
6 It also transpired that parts of England ( east and south-east ) were put on full invasion alert at the time , but it seems that ‘ Cromwell ’ had been ignored in some places where the junior officers who happened to be on duty had not been let into the secret of what it meant .
7 No-one was certain if any hanging had really taken place but on cold , windy nights the tree would creak and moan , startling those who happened to be passing by .
8 The divisions were arbitrary , mainly depending upon who happened to be where when the fighting stopped .
9 George Taylor was collected and he and Mrs Oliver returned to the tobacconists ' to be joined shortly by PC Chandler , an off-duty policeman who happened to be in Higatt 's too .
10 Arrested with Mrs Dyer was her son-in-law , a Mr Arthur Palmer , who happened to be living with her at the time .
11 Chateaubriand , who happened to be visiting Arenenberg was asked by the young author for his opinion of the work , and the great writer graciously suggested that it would be improved if , where the word ‘ people ’ occurred , the Prince were to replace it with ‘ nation ’ .
12 There was once a little tailor , a good and unremarkable man , who happened to be journeying through a forest , in search of work perhaps , for in those days men travelled great distances to make a meagre living , and the services of a fine craftsman , like our hero , were less in demand than cheap and cobbling hasty work that fitted ill and lasted only briefly .
13 The incident was witnessed by Uncle Fred , a well built lad of eighteen , who happened to be working with a pitchfork nearby .
14 We got all the details from Peggy , who happened to be there at the time , when she popped down later to the Met Office for a reviving cup of coffee and dash of medicinal brandy .
15 To a large extent , their numbers were made up of tourists , people who happened to be passing by , people with time to kill , and people who simply fancied doing something different .
16 Any elderly crone , who happened to be ugly or misshapen enough to have repelled all potential husbands , and who was therefore forced to live a solitary life with no children of her own , often as an outcast on the edge of the village , was desperately in need of companionship .
17 Paddy made for Dad , who happened to be the only customer standing at the bar counter , awaiting his change .
18 I opened the can and poured the Coke , and Mrs Young , who happened to be sitting alone at the next table , turned round and said to Xanthe sweetly that she , Mrs Young , would pay for the Coke , and would n't Xanthe come and join her ?
19 If tha does n't believe me , ger a bag of coil on thi back and I 'll get one on mine [ not something unusual for Amos who happened to be a coalmerchant ] and ah 'll race thee to t ’ top o' t' wood ! ’
20 A priest who happened to be visiting my mother volunteered to stay on one of these occasions , but the screams drove him out .
21 The introduction he now regards as ‘ inevitable ’ came in 1965 when a friend — who happened to be chairman of the RSPCA 's Leeds branch — asked him if he liked animals .
22 So did old Mike , and anyone else who happened to be in the shop .
23 raised the curiosity of some ladies , who happened to be at the Castle in May 1782 , to examine the ruined Chapel , and observing a large block of alabaster , fixed in the North wall of the Chapel , they imagined it might be the back of a monument formerly placed there .
24 Before any plank was put into place , MacAlpine and Tom and anyone else who happened to be about held a consultation over it .
25 The first is an uncomplicated piece of no great distinction ; the second , K.246 in C , was written for Countess Lützow of Salzburg : the third was a triple concerto written for three members of a wealthy local family , the Lodrons ; and the last , K.271 in E flat , was composed for a French lady virtuoso , Mlle Jeunehomme , who happened to be visiting Salzburg .
26 For some , the crime may even pay : thus in the Goodrich disc-brake scandal of the late 1960s , when the company attempted to foist a defective brake-disc system on to a customer who happened to be too clever to be deceived , two of the main executives involved were later promoted ( Vandivier 1972 : 33 ) .
27 It seems that a passer-by had spotted a naked man frolicking on the balcony — who happened to be in the room next door — and somewhere along the line a case of mistaken identity occurred .
28 Generally , they were the cast-offs of two children in the house who happened to be about her own age , and this could mean a pretty frock coming her way , but only if , Mrs Aggie said , she kept her nose clean .
29 Until recently , Peter had thought of Kate as someone to be avoided : a member of an alien species who happened to be Richard 's sister .
30 Would a Melanesian who happened to be one 's cousin five times removed be a relation or a foreigner ?
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