Example sentences of "so far as [verb] " in BNC.

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1 Trotsky went so far as to call the agreement ‘ an ecclesiastical NEP ’ , implying a similar tolerance to that meted out to ‘ kulaks ’ or to Nepmen , but this was a superficial and short-sighted judgement redolent with propaganda .
2 However , as the results of the first inspections started to come in the seriousness of the problem was realised and the US authorities eventually went so far as to call for the use of specially made ultrasonic probes for detecting cracks round the fastener holes .
3 Indeed Sockett ( 1980 ) goes so far as to call accountability based on prespecified results ‘ anti-educational ’ .
4 Leaving no stone unturned for its Destiny launch , the telephone company offshoot went so far as to score still another first , announcing SVR4.2 simultaneously in Europe , the Far East , the US and Russia , reportedly at a Unix user group meeting , facilitated by the famed Esther Dyson .
5 In the second half of the nineteenth century such sentiments had fostered the growth of a small but vigorous school of Siberian regionalist writers and political activists ( oblastniki ) , some of whom had even gone so far as to envisage the complete political separation of Siberia from Russia and the establishment of a new , independent Siberian republic .
6 So far as mens rea is concerned , the issue is not whether the defendant himself considered that the words or conduct in question was insulting , but whether he realised that the persons whom he was addressing might do so .
7 Indeed , so fundamental to the outlook of Jacobean Protestants was this identification of the pope with Antichrist that one contemporary went so far as to define a Protestant as one who ‘ can swear the Pope is antichrist and that flesh is good on Friday ’ .
8 She would not have gone so far as to define it as softness .
9 They have to learn a lot of different skills , and also in business nothing happens unless you 're good at organizing teams , so businessmen often get good at working with people , which is , I think , a hugely important experience so far as helping people to grow up is concerned .
10 On the application of both defendants Wright J. set aside the order in so far as related to such disclosure on the ground that it infringed their privilege against self-incrimination .
11 Members of the radical Inter-regional group went so far as to table a motion of no confidence in the government , but a vote on whether to consider this motion was heavily defeated on May 29 .
12 The implication of the argument is that 1823–4 , so far as petitioning to gain mass support was concerned , should be seen primarily as a new start in many places .
13 In another study of migrants in central Wales , Jones ( 1965 ) even went so far as to test all of Ravenstein 's laws , but he could only definitely confirm Laws 1 and 5 , which argue that most migrants only travel a short distance , but that those who do travel further migrate to the great centres of commerce and industry .
14 Danby later insisted that he had never intended things to go " so far as to settle the Crown on the Prince of Orange " .
15 One such protagonist has recently gone so far as to claim that Aristotle 's Phantasmata — the mental images that are involved in most or all mental activities — are identical with the symbols on which computational procedures are carried out .
16 Certainly in recent years Pound 's interest in mystery-cults has been more than antiquarian ; in ‘ was Erigena ours ? ’ he asks whether the philosopher Scotus Erigena was one of the Eleusinian brotherhood , and ‘ ours ’ can be given full weight — Noel Stock goes so far as to claim ( op. cit. p.22 ) that some of the obscurity of these later Cantos is deliberate and arcane — ‘ he writes about them as an initiate in words that are both ‘ published and not published ’ … ’ .
17 TODAY has been told the letter went so far as to claim she had betrayed her husband , her sons and , above all , the Queen .
18 Cranmer indeed went so far as to claim that : ‘ where the word of God was adversary and against his authority , pomp , covetousness , idolatry and superstitious doctrine , he [ the pope ] , spying this , became adversary unto the word of God , falsifying it , extorting it out of the true sense . ’
19 Although Johnson does not go so far as to claim that the affectless society was responsible for the Moors Murders , she does feel able to argue that the general atmosphere in society at the time had ‘ infected ’ the social system , and that ‘ Brady possibly , Hindley almost certainly , have been victims of fallout ’ .
20 In a passage which reads very oddly indeed today and betrays his naïveté , Durkheim even went so far as to claim that such was the depressing degree of homogeneity in primitive society that its members were actually physically indistinguishable from each other !
21 He goes so far as to claim that this form of control is now ‘ characteristic of the majority of enterprises in the USA and Britain ’ , thereby denying the predominance of the management control form .
22 One theorist has gone so far as to claim that ‘ the viability of the large corporation with diffuse security ownership is … explained in terms of a model where primary disciplining of managers comes through managerial labor markets , both within and outside of the firm ’ .
23 The CPSU Central Committee , reviewing these developments in the early 1970s , went so far as to claim that a ‘ new historical collectivity of people — the Soviet people ’ had come into existence in the USSR , based upon the ‘ common ownership of the means of production , unity of economic , socio-political and cultural life , Marxist-Leninist ideology , and the interests and communist ideals of the working class ’ .
24 Indeed Jakobson went so far as to claim , ‘ Neither Tynyanov , nor Shklovsky , nor Mukařovský , nor 1 have declared that art is a closed sphere …
25 ‘ Social imperialism ’ suggests that the main beneficiaries of this policy were British consumers , and indeed one writer has gone so far as to argue a direct link to the Attlee government 's social reforms : ‘ The nationalisations , medical provision and expansion of education so magnanimously legislated by the Labour Ministry were largely achieved because the Bank of England kept the Sterling Area show on the road . '
26 Some favour legislation , Steve Scrutton going so far as to argue that the general term ‘ age ’ should never be used in legislation as a shorthand term to denote frailty or dependence .
27 Some , such as Alan Walker , have gone so far as to argue that ‘ retirement is largely a twentieth century phenomenon ’ , and that ‘ the increasing dependency of elderly people in Britain has been socially engineered in order to facilitate the removal of older workers from the labour force ’ .
28 In the early 1960s a number of economists went so far as to argue that growth had to be export-led [ Kaldor , 1971 ] .
29 In 1757 Postlethwayt went so far as to argue that the national debt had had the effect of transferring property to the " money-mongers " at such a pace that , " Since our debts have taken place , not near one tenth of the land of England is possessed by the posterity or heirs of those who possessed it at the Revolution . "
30 We should not go so far as to hold a referendum , but the people must have the final say .
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