Example sentences of "can tell [pron] the " in BNC.

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1 If you can tell him the whole town pays for itself , that 's far more impressive than — ’
2 I mean as regards I agree with the woman when she was saying about she wanted to tell her husband about what happens when he comes home from work , but I think she wo n't need all those bulletins to tell him what 's happening , she can tell him the latest bulletin before he comes in the door , could n't she ?
3 If you can tell me the initials of my name , you can have what 's in this bag . ’
4 ‘ Then you can tell me the truth about Ibn and Butler . ’
5 You can tell me the things I need to know and I can go away .
6 Dear Willis — As I am informed by those who ought to know that you have " taken the ground " somewhere near London River , I expect you can tell me the whereabouts of the dear old Fortuna , built 1892 , rigged when I last saw her in 1920 as a square foresail brigantine .
7 Who can tell me the next number .
8 You can tell me the day and the month ?
9 it 'll only be shorter , it wo n't keep you warm down the bottom , yeah and here on the neck it 's , alright you can tell me the colour of , but it , it is quite
10 but you can tell what the bar man was thinking
11 If we can tell what the animals are about to do next , then surely so can their opponents .
12 West Ham are one of the favourites to go straight up , but who can tell what the pressures of promotion will do to them in the final weeks .
13 ‘ You can tell them the police were n't coming for you or Miles . ’
14 You can tell them the true way things stand . ’
15 because you can tell them the price the size what
16 If they are rich , they can spend more on it , and will ; but there is no calculus which can tell us the optimum amount that we ought to spend on education , any more than on the relief of suffering and the cure of the sick , or on the arts .
17 If he can tell us the one , surely he can tell us the other .
18 If he can tell us the one , surely he can tell us the other .
19 ‘ I can tell you the precise date , if you like .
20 ‘ Then I can tell you the difference between invention and insight . ’
21 I suggest you have someone take a look at it who can tell you the exact problem and not speculate as to probable causes and costs .
22 I can tell you the number of ounces in each case , if you wish . ’
23 A ‘ Crime Audit ’ can tell you the scale and cost of crimes against your business and should also show how adequate or otherwise your existing security practice and management structure is in tackling this problem .
24 It is for this reason that we often feel isolated in our quest ; after all , if no two people share the same experiences , no one can tell you the best way to deal with a particular situation .
25 No mechanical indicator can tell you the right time to strike , at least in this situation , but your sense of touch can , once you have enough experience to know what you are feeling for .
26 I 've made them eat everything I do , so I can tell you the food is n't tampered with .
27 I can tell you the serial number — maybe someone will come up with it — L12304 , with a dragon on the front , crudely carved during a drunken night with Christine !
28 Hello ! readers with knobs on , they can tell you the length of Emperor Hirohito 's reign down to the second .
29 I can tell you the boys in blue are pleased you 've turned up .
30 Studies on savants who can tell you the day of the week on which you were born found that they followed the rules of a calendar to work out the dates .
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